How to Save the Environment with a Vehicle Tracking System


The blog explains how implementing a vehicle tracking system can help fleet-based businesses balance profitability and environmental responsibility. By optimizing routes, reducing idle time, and monitoring emissions, a vehicle tracking system can help reduce the environmental impact of a business while also improving efficiency and reducing costs.

 The blog also highlights the benefits of being an environmentally friendly business, including improved sustainability and financial advantages. VAMOSYS offers efficient fleet management and vehicle tracking systems to help businesses achieve this balance.

You’ve noticed that a lot more businesses are marketing themselves as eco-friendly right now – a trend that has been growing in popularity for the past decade or so. When society gives us our business, it’s our responsibility to give back to society.

We can do this by playing a major role in marching towards a cleaner environment. Some of us with a fleet-based business might wonder how to balance both i.e. running our business profitably and also being environmental friendly.

Having such a balance might seem a bit difficult, but guess what, it is a cakewalk. The solution that will help you attain this balance is a vehicle tracking system.

There are many benefits that come with a vehicle tracking system:

  • Fetching accurate location,
  • Providing engine health,
  • Prevention of theft and so on.

While these advantages will uplift the business side of things, the additional merit is its environment consciousness

How does the Vehicle Tracking System help in Saving Environment?

The vehicle tracking system helps you, the fleet based business owners to contribute towards a cleaner environment. Here is how implementing a vehicle tracking system can aid you in preserving the environment:


1. Reduces Emission from Vehicle

There are a number of ways in which a vehicle tracking system can help your fleet reduce its amount of emission.

By working on past routes taken by your vehicles, analyzing the time taken and fuel utilization, the GPS tracker will help you with route optimization for your shipments.

This will, in turn, help you in decreasing the on-road time of your fleet, thus saving on fuel and consequently reducing vehicular emission.

In addition to this, vehicle tracking systems also helps you in reducing your maintenance costs, as it enables you to keep a check on the maintenance timetable and upcoming servicing projects.

Since your fleet is well-maintained, they will travel along more efficiently, optimize fuel consumption and automatically bring down the emission statistics.

2. Save Paper with GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution

Fleet management is a tedious job. It requires a lot of time, manpower and an even more quantity of paper if done in a conventional way. Employee logs, vehicle details, shipment information, delivery reports, all involve a fair amount of paperwork to be done.

By introducing a fleet management system your organization can end up eliminating a lot of paperwork, which makes it an efficient and environmental friendly process.

The GPS tracking device can store all trip-related information, taken by your vehicles based on which appropriate reports can be generated in a click. As an add on, your employee log can also be done on this platform, with the start-stop time and trip updates.

This integration of GPS tracker for fleets will eliminate the entire process of manual record handling, thus saving big on cost, time and the environment.

3. Avoid Vehicle Idle Time  

Diesel emission has substantial levels of harmful particles in it. These particles are a cause for asthma, decline in respiratory function and in some cases, untimely death. And when your vehicle is on its way to deliver you cannot control the time it spends on idling. This is obvious since you have no control over it without actually being present in the vehicle during the trip.

According to statistics, continual idling i.e. more than 3 minutes results in higher rate of emission. This undeniably leads to excessive use of fuel than you can anticipate. With a vehicle tracking system installed, you can easily avoid this kind of an issue as you can constantly monitor the driver’sbehavior.

The GPS vehicle tracker will send a notification to you immediately when your vehicle crosses the minimum time set by you for idling.

You can thus keep a check on which drivers idles longer duration. Based on this, you can take proper measures to ensure idling takes place for the least time possible. This will help you end up limiting the contribution to air pollution.

4. Carbon dioxide Level Under Control

In addition to the basic features such as location tracking and driver behaviours, a fleet tracking system also keeps you notified about fuel exhaustion and CO2 release. With this feature, you can ensure optimum utilization of your fleet.

As you can easily get carbon dioxide emission levels with a vehicle tracking system, you can evaluate the performance of your vehicle both environmentally and operationally.

Benefits of being an Environmental Friendly Business

Running an environmentally friendly business helps you reduce your impact on the environment and preserves natural resources. Promoting your environmental friendly methods can set your business apart from your competitors and attract new customers who want to buy products and services from an environmentally friendly business.

Reducing the environmental impact of your business will improve the sustainability of your business. In addition to environmental and social benefits, companies that incorporate sustainability into decision-making processes can reap significant financial advantages as it attracts more interest from investors, which is key to long-term profitability. Further, this will also enhance the credibility of your company.

We at VAMOSYS help you to take this step successfully. With our efficient fleet management and vehicle tracking systems, we will help you balance both i.e. a profitable business and an environmentally friendly one.

Progress is impossible without a change. Let’s make a change today for a greener and successful tomorrow.

Rasika is an engineering graduate and writes articles on topics related to technology, telematics, fleet management. She is interested in sales and marketing to explore opportunities, especially in content marketing.

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