Green Telematics Solutions for your Fleet Management


The article discusses the importance of green transportation and how telematics solutions can help achieve it. By investing in telematics technology, fleet managers can reduce fuel consumption, optimize routes, and minimize idle time, all of which contribute to lower emissions and a greener fleet. 

It is essential to select the right telematics solution and involve everyone in the process to achieve real change in environmental sustainability. Going green not only benefits the environment but also contributes to economic, social, and environmental development.

“Go Green” is something we all have come across a number of times and have also started practising it in one way or other. But have you ever thought about green transportation and how to achieve it?

As of 2016 transport contributes about 24% of the global CO2 emission. Fleet owners and managers in various fields are under immense pressure to modernize their fleets and “go green” as they are the major contributors to emission. But before you plan on huge investments on the shiny hybrid fleet to reduce your carbon footprint let me surprise you, green transportation can be achieved by telematics which is a simpler and more affordable solution.

Green Telematics Fleet Manangement Solutions

Importance of Green Transport

Green transport is a low-carbon and environment-friendly travelling mode. The active promotion of green transportation is not only good for easing traffic congestion, decreasing energy consumption and improvement of air quality but also helps in improving citizens health.

It is very important in today’s scenario where the environment is depleting with every passing day and dependence of gas and petrol is increasing day by day, thus posing a threat to earth.

The fumes which are generated from running vehicles are harmful to the air, the water and the trees.  When humans inhale the polluted air or drink the contaminated water, they are at an increased risk of diseases like asthma. Thus to stop pollution from spreading, we all need to switch to green transportation.

Telematics Solutions and Its path towards Green Fleet Management

Investing in telematics enables changes in the operating procedures which can dramatically improve sustainability and environmental soundness. Here is how telematics technology helps you lower emissions without the need for a bulky financial investment.

1. Reduce Fuel Consumption

The easiest and the fastest way to cut down fuel cost is by reducing your fuel consumption which will positively impact your bottom line. It is a known fact that fuel tops the chart of operating expenses when in the case of huge fleets.

If telematics tools are introduced to increase the fuel efficiency of your fleet there will definitely be a significant impact. This automated solution will help you track and monitor how your workers are operating fleet vehicles and where improvements can be made on the basis of driving behaviours.

Thus, it helps you to become a “greener” fleet by improving fuel efficiency, reducing costs and process.

2. Route Optimization with Green Fleet Telematics

Another way telematics technology can help you reach the  “greener” fleet image is by enabling you to optimize driving routes for your workers and in turn reducing driving time.

The telematics solution helps you to determine the fastest and the most direct route between job sites based on traffic patterns and other data, so fleet vehicles are driven less minimizing fuel use.

Drivers can also make use of the navigation tools and GPS to avoid getting lost ultimately ensuring that the least amount of time is spent consuming fuel and giving off emissions while on the road. 

3. Reduce Idling Time

Time spent idle does not only mean workers aren’t contributing towards the profit of the operations, but it also means fleet vehicles are consuming fuel unnecessarily and thus negatively impacting the “green” initiatives you are working towards.

With the right telematics solution, you can set alerts for any unnecessary idling beyond a specific time you define as appropriate. This will let you reduce idling among fleet vehicles and reduce fuel consumption.

4. Bring Everyone On-Board

It is very important to keep in mind that adopting new technologies alone is not going to help you reach the desired changes.  To aid real change in environmental sustainability in your operations it is important that you bring everyone involved in the process on-board. This ensures each one of them is accountable for maintaining standards and establishes trust among your team which helps accelerate towards positive results.

In addition to this you should make sure that you select the right type of telematics solution as each of them differ vastly. Look for features to get the best results:

  • Access mobility: the ability to view data and maps on from anywhere at any time
  • Detailed maps: letting you view near real-time activity and current status of all vehicles
  • User-friendly dashboards: showing you up-to-the minute fuel and other analytics

We at VAMOSYS feel it is everyone’s responsibility to follow the path of sustainable development and hence we bring you the telematics solution that makes this process easy. The features included will be:

  • A user-friendly dashboard that will display your fleet vehicles in a map
  • A fuel mileage that will let you that will let monitor the fuel consumption in accordance with the distance covered.
  • Over speeding report which will help u train the drivers to avoid over speeding thus preventing the wear and tear and in turn reduce the fuel consumption and emission.
  • Vehicle wise performance report that will let you avoid idle time and excess emission due to unwanted usage.

Green  transport is one of  the sustainable development essence where it provides growth of economic, trade promotion, access improving, and linking communities and societies.

Smart, peaceful, affordable, dependable and little-carbon transport systems contribute to the affordability of energy environmentally friendly, climate-resistant and rule-based development for efficient economic, socially fair and sound environmental development.

Thus, green transport has a crucial role to achieve a sustainable development agenda

A great reason to go green is because it feels good. When you reduce your fuel consumption, energy usage, and garbage production, you can rest easy knowing you’re doing your part to help the environment.


Rasika is an engineering graduate and writes articles on topics related to technology, telematics, fleet management. She is interested in sales and marketing to explore opportunities, especially in content marketing.

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