GPS Tracking For SMEs?


The blog discusses the use of GPS tracking for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in managing their fleet of vehicles. 

Although some SMEs may have confidence in their drivers, GPS tracking can provide benefits such as minimizing expenses, improving customer service, and making more informed decisions about fleet management.

 The blog concludes that SMEs can use GPS tracking regardless of the size of their fleet, and there is a greater emphasis on service and support among major providers in the market.

In essence, every company has to begin somewhere; even the biggest companies in transport and logistics have had the smallest beginnings. Firstly, when you set up a logistics company, a thought that prevails in your mind will be; GPS vehicle tracking and small business? Perhaps, there are plenty of things to think about.

The concern is, are some startup companies too small to track vehicles? Or can your company gain anything from GPS fleet management strategies?

We Have Much Confidence In Our Drivers

One of the most popular scenarios that you may encounter when it comes to GPS vehicle tracking in small companies is that they have established a rather trustworthy bond with their drivers. Generally, this is something that occurs when you operate with a small fleet. Having elevated levels of confidence in your drivers is great, and this is often represented in how well they perform for you and with you.

However, trust and monitoring of vehicles are two distinct things, and it should be handled accordingly.

Why You’re Not Too Small To Use GPS Vehicle Tracking

So, what are the advantages of monitoring vehicles for small businesses? You need to understand the actual concept of GPS vehicle tracking and what it will deliver for a company by implementing GPS fleet management solutions.

Primarily, GPS fleet management solutions can assist you in minimizing expenses, you can monitor the fuel consumption of your vehicles and, of course, track the routes that have been taken. This enables you to make plans on how to reduce the operating costs of a company. You can now efficiently use your driver’s time in the best possible ways, which can also help you run your company efficiently. Another way GPS vehicle tracking can assist even a fleet is by delivering a higher level of customer service. Your clients will be able to track their deliveries, which provide them a feeling of safety as well as by helping them plan with their time management.

Apparently, monitoring vehicles is not about lack of confidence, it’s about ensuring that you can operate a more sustainable and cost-effective company. Your drivers should know that this is your strategy and should work with you for rapid and all round development.

You Are Never Too Small

Startup companies often have worries about expenses and ROI in implementing GPS fleet management. The response is always the same, you can use it even if you have at least one vehicle.

This is because even if you don’t use the real-time monitoring aspect, as it accumulates, you will see a stall in profit significantly from the historic information. For instance, to find more effective paths or times of the day, you could analyze delivery routes. When billing your clients, you can guarantee that you correctly account for the travel time. With this type of information available, you will be able to make a much more intelligent decision about extending and hiring other employees. You’ll have a baseline with which you can assess them instead of relying on your instinct.

Our mindset is that if we can help our customers grow their companies using our system, it will lead to more business for us as they expand. Time after time again we’ve seen single units that indeed started to grow into larger 8-11 unit fleets with a single trader doing a proof of concept. The structure we provide is fully extensible so we can offer the same service regardless of whether your fleet is a single vehicle or 10,000 vehicles.

As the market for GPS tracking has matured, there is a higher emphasis on service rates on the market. If you can now get comparable features from all major providers, the greatest difference is the amount of service and support that goes with each plan.

Team VAMOSYS have been into GPS business since 2014 and have good experience on GPS Vehicle Tracking, Fuel Monitoring, Fleet Management and GPS Tracker Devices. Writes article on various topics to share the industry experiences and knowledge.

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