Trucking Expenses Management Software

Track all your truck expenses, driver expenses, and trip-related expenses with our fleet management software solutions.

Trucking Expenses Management Software

Manage your Logistics expenses with FleetOS

Payment Management (receivable / need to pay)

With the FleetOS application, fleet managers can manage the payment processes. Can easily access the amount need to be received from any vendors or customers and the amount needs to be paid to the vendors.

Fuel Expenses management

In the FleetOS application, the logistics operator can manage the entire fuel expenses management. Approve the billing for fuel filling, get fuel expense invoices with location and timing from driver application.

Vehicle expenses management

As a fleet manager, the vehicle maintenance and it related expenses management are key work role. With FleetOS application, the vehicle expenses management is simplified from scheduling to billing and invoicing.

Driver expenses management

Manage the complete driver expenses management trip-wise and month-wise on the FleetOS application. The entire ecosystem functions smoothly by integrating the driver into the fleet management system using our language agnostic driver app.

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Advantages of FleetOS Expenses management for Trucks

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How FleetOS expenses management works?

FleetOS expense management helps fleet managers to maintain all the expenditure related to the vehicle, trip, and fuel expenses using our web and mobile application. 

In our FleetOS application, the fleet managers needn’t fill all the expenses using the bills and invoices, rather all the expenses related to trips and vehicles can be updated by the driver himself using our universal driver application with value and document screenshots.

For fuel-related expenses, the driver needs to get approval for fuel filling by sending requests to the fleet manager using the VAMOSYS driver app. Once approved, he can fill in fuel and share the expenditure details with invoices.

To simply put, the fleet manager will be in control of expenses and manage the entire logistics operations expenses on the FleetOS app. Trip profit and loss calculations, trip-wise expenses reports, fuel expenses reports, and vehicle-wise expenses reports will be generated on the FleetOS application for expenditure analysis.

How FleetOS expenses management works?

How we solve the fleet expenses management?

How we solve the fleet expenses management?

In logistics operation, the fleet manager should have a detailed report on the fleet management expenses, when the expenses occurred, for what purpose, how much amount spent, who spent details should be known.

It will be difficult for a fleet manager to maintain all the records and ledger manually using the invoices and bank statements. 

The application of ours will help the fleet manager in solving the logistics expenses management where he can approve, reject, get all soft copies of bills, invoices from drivers for trip vehicle services and fuel using the driver app.

FleetOS application provides the vehicle wise, trip wise, driver wise and month wise reports to assess the profit and loss.


What is expenses management software for the logistics sector?

Expenses management software for logistics sectors records all the expenses related to the trip, vehicle, driver expenses, and fuel expenses.

It simplifies the logistics expenses management process and reduces the workload of the fleet manager. It also generates various reports for profit & loss analysis.

Why logistics businesses need expenses management tools?

It will add value to the logistics operation business. The expenses management software enhances the performance and efficiency of logistics operations expenses.

What kind of expenses can be managed in the FleetOS application?

In the FleetOS expenses management application, the logistics operators can manage the expenditure details of vehicle services, trip-related expenses, driver expenditures, fuel expenses, toll charges, and other vital logistics expenditures.

How the FleetOS expenses management system support the fleet manager?

The FleetOS expenses management system reduces the workloads of the fleet manager and manual expenses filling on account ledgers, excel or any accounting software.


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