Delivery Dispatch Management Software

Automate the fleet operation to dispatch the consignment and improve the performance of fleet management.

Benefits of Dispatch Management System

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Features of Dispatch Management Software

Route optimization

Optimize the consignment dispatch route using the software application to reach the destination quickly and efficiently.

Customer Management

The customers will keep posted and track the consignment delivery status and get the accurate estimated time of arrival of logistics goods.

Document Management

Complete digitalized document management of consignment, trip expenses and vehicle expenses for fleet management.

Driver Management

Allocate the trip and assign the driver using the software application. Manage the drivers and his performance based on analytical reports

Consignment Assignment Planner

With our dispatch management application, the fleet operators can assign the consignment vehicle to the drivers for timely delivery

Consignment History Tracking

Get all the history details of the past trips, reports, documents related to those trip on the history section of our application.

Why use dispatch management software in logistics operations?

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How Our Delivery Dispatch Management Works

For previously existing commercial center applications you can incorporate our Delivery Dispatch Management Module onto your framework easily, your application can be effortlessly coordinated with our dispatch the board module by the help of your product supplier and our group. When the reconciliation is finished the addresses will be stacked onto the module and you can start your everyday conveyance activities with no issue. Our Delivery Dispatch arrangement can play out numerous pickup and various drops on a solitary excursion. All in all a solitary conveyance individual can gather numerous orders at the same time and complete the conveyance all inside a solitary outing. 

Our Delivery Dispatch arrangement can play out this in view of our auto-enhancement highlight, dissimilar to other conveyance applications where the conveyance kid needs to finish one excursion to begin the following, our dispatch arrangement makes trips for different orders in a solitary office. Our Dispatch arrangement is valuable for single and mass conveyance organizations