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Truck GPS Tracker

Looking for a Gurtam Wialon Alternative?

More than 10K customers feel the VAMOSYS GPSVTS is a simpler and better alternative to the Wialon GPS tracking.

How VAMOSYS GPSVTS is better than Gurtam Wialon?

Easy to configure the vehicle

On GPSVTS to onboard a vehicle is simpler and it can be done faster to complete the GPS tracking device configuration.

Best Fuel tracking solution

At GPSVTS we offer the best fuel tracking solution to monitor the vehicle fuel filling, vehicle mileage reports, and fuel theft reports.

Offering customization on features and reports

We offer customized services to our customers based on their requirements and fulfil their needs on features and reports.

Accuracy in tracking the vehicle

Get more precise results of vehicle tracking on GPSVTS software application with minimalistic errors on vehicle tracking.

Offering white label option for resellers

We at VAMOSYS offer the GPSVTS white label option to resellers at affordable prices and easy to grow business with Team VAMOSYS with a lead sharing option.

Customer Support services 24/7

Customers can reach our support team any time 24/7 using our dedicated chat or support email to raise the ticket.

Why do you need to choose VAMOSYS GPSVTS over Gurtam Wialon?

With Logistics management software, it has multiple benefits for the logistics fleet operators such as 

Clients can reach us quickly and in easier ways – through phone, WhatsApp and email, in any medium as you wish. You can reach the team easily and contact from sales manager to top CEO / COO at team VAMOSYS.

The application developed for GPS vehicle tracking,namely GPSVTS is simpler to use and also configures the device quickly. The software is user friendly and can be used to track your vehicle, access reports, get instant notifications.


GPS Tracking Key aspect in Fleet management


Vehicle Tracking

The application provides you the exact location of the vehicle on a map, the dashboard also shows how much distance your vehicle has covered along with other vital information such as the max speed, battery health.

OverSpeed Report

Over-speeding is the major cause of road accidents, with the over-speeding report you can identify when the vehicle over-speeds, shows the date, time, and the duration of over speeding and the nearest location of where the over-speeding occurred.

Ignition Report

Ignition reports show when the ignition was turned off / on at which date and duration of ignition status and the nearest location the ignition status, you can also view the data on the map.

Parked Reports

You can identify the vehicle’s parked location, the start time, and the end time of the parked vehicle, you can also view the last seen vehicle location on the map.

Listen to what our customers say about the GPSVTS application

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Gautam & Karthick Business Partners of Fleettrack

“We have had a positive experience with Vamosys. Team Vamosys has helped us in setting up GPS business in Coimbatore region. They have provided a great service and guidance throughout the process and supported us in all possible ways to grow our business under their franchise model. We thank Vamosys for providing us to be their business franchise.”

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Hemanth Managing Director

“I am really glad that I chose Vamosys dealership to do my GPS business. Vamosys made the process of starting the GPS business simple for me in Delhi and made their channel partner. I would recommend Vamosys to anyone who needs a start GPS business in their region.”

Interested in VAMOSYS GPSVTS Solution?

Evaluate VAMOSYS GPSVTS for yourself. We’re sure you’ll be impressed. If you decide to make the switch, migrating all your data from Gurtam Wialaon is as simple as a click. If you’re looking for your GPS vehicle tracking application, you can reach us anytime at your convenience. So, what are you waiting for?

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Truck GPS Tracker

Why customers should choose GPSVTS over Wialon?

Get the best tracking solution with a dedicated support team to help and grow your fleet business.

Get delightful experience on using our vehicle tracking software

With our software application, you’ll find the best tracking option that can be accessed on both web and mobile applications. All the data and reports related to your vehicle are easy to access on the application. The reports can be downloaded and accessed at any time at your convenience. 

With Wialon software, you’ll get all the similar reports and data that what you get from our GPSVTS. What makes or brings the delightful experience is the support from our end to all our clients and customers. Accessibility of our team, customization of tool and further requirements get fulfilled by our dedicated developers.

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Choose the simple tool over the sophisticated tool

While choosing software applications for vehicle tracking customers prefer to choose a simplified tool like VAMOSYS GPSVTS over the sophisticated Wialon software. The software application developed by our team is a simple and easy-to-use application, where the vehicle can be onboarded quickly and activate the tracking in a quick time to start the tracking.

Whereas the Gurtam Wialon is one of the leading tracking software, the application may require assistance to onboard the vehicle, to reach and access the team, it may be a bit complex. In our organization it is not the same, as we are growing a team and offering better alternatives to Wialon, customers get the dedicated guidance on each stage with client managers to take care of all your vehicle tracking requirements.

Don’t make compromises in the customization of your tracking application

Are you looking for a vehicle tracking solution with the best customization features to meet your organizational requirements? Then you can opt for the VAMOSYS GPSVTS tracking solution over Gurtam Wialon. Because we provide the best customization features by getting inputs personally from you and develop the features with our dedicated development team to fulfill your needs.

Why do you need to choose GPSVTS over Wialon? Since the Gurtam is already a big name and they may or will not be interested to provide customization to the small fleet operators. But you as a fleet operator may require the customized features, then you should look for the best alternative for Wialon. The best alternative of Wialon we suggest is our GPSVTS.

Accelerate your GPS business with a simple GPSVTS tool

If you are looking for a GPS business, then you can choose our GPSVTS tool over the Wialon software application for the white label option. Since we are a leading software company, you can grow your business with us and become our authorized dealer in your region. According to our company norms, we will be sharing our qualified leads of your region with you. So you will get the best software tool, leads, dedicated support team to help you at all stages of your business.

The same may not be the case in the Wialon software for starting the business, you will get the software but the support, leads and team backing you may not be there in the leading software companies. So it is always wise to choose the simple and emerging company to reach bigger in the future.

Why do you need to part of our growing team?

Onboarding and Implementation

Our technical support team will work closely with you to onboard the vehicles, installing the devices on the vehicle, and fulfill all your requirements to ensure smooth implementation.

24-hour technical support

Our technical experts are available 24/7 to troubleshoot issues and provide best practices on processes with the agility your business expects.
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Dedicated customer success managers

Get dedicated customer success managers to you, who will take care of all your technical requirements on vehicle tracking to achieve success in your fleet business.

Our Happy Customers


Start using the VAMOSYS GPSVTS application from today

Get the free trial of GPSVTS immediately, if you are already using the Wialon software, its time to check our GPSVTS. So why wait?


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