Asset Tracking

Industries using heavy equipment and assets require quality maintenance for better management of organizational resources. Employees are often involved in finding the misplaced assets or equipment tools. Asset tracking software enables the tracking of equipment in real-time with the aid of an asset tracker to solve the problems faced by employees in identifying and monitoring assets.

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Remote Monitoring

The assets and equipment can be tracked remotely using our asset tracking software application to find and monitor the enterprise assets.

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RFID for Assets and Employees

RFID tags are provided to employees for tracking the employee movement with assets. The application allows to track the real-time movement.

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Web and Mobile Applications

Providing the asset tracking solution on both web and mobile applications. Administrators can access the dashboard, view notifications and monitor the assets.

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Industries require Asset Tracking

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Warehouse / Logistics

Asset tracking will be useful in the warehouse and logistics sector. The assets in the vehicle can be tracked using the asset tracker, the real-time location and movement of assets can be monitored using our asset tracking software. Using this equipment tracking application, the organization can know the stocks and inventory status using tracking software.

Manufacturing Units

Production / Manufacturing Units

Asset tracking solutions improve control over the manufacturing equipment, process and reduce the workloads in maintaining the equipment. The software solution with the asset tracker helps the production unit controller to access the real-time data of the entire manufacturing unit equipments.

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How does Asset Tracking work?


Asset tracking solution is a SaaS model developed for equipment and asset management. In the system, it comprises of asset tracker device, transmitter, server to receive the data and process on the cloud-based software platform. Location details are collected from the receiver (asset tracking device). The data is transmitted to the server hubs to process data. The tracking and monitoring of assets are done in real-time on a software application.

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