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Why become a VAMOSYS Affiliate?

Telematics is on the Rise.

Telematics refers to a system of capturing, processing and analysing driving data, and there are a huge number of potential applications at the moment. According to ‘Telematics News’, the year 2019 is projected to be a lucrative year for telematics and GPS Vehicle Tracking systems, and this is in an emerging stage of the projected boom of GPS Vehicle Tracking Technology in India and around the world. Telematics endures a crucial role in fulfilling the latest trends of GPS vehicle tracking and improve the efficiency of the corporation. The telematics business is poised to reach a value of over 8 billion USD in the next couple of years. So, what better time than now, to be a part of the Telematics & GPS Vehicle Tracking Technology.

Less Competition

This is just an early stage in the rise of Telematics & GPS Vehicle Tracking Technology, and there aren’t many competitors registered to the VAMOSYS affiliation program. It is never easy to get to the top, but VAMOSYS will stand by your side and help you reach new heights in the corporate world. So, this is a unique opportunity to start early and get to the top and lead the race in being a top affiliate. Note that this is not a multilevel marketing or any other sort of fraudulent scheme, rather a program where you can earn and grow as an affiliate.

High Rewards

VAMOSYS, affirms our affiliates to achieve their well-deserved earnings and countless other rewards. Once you become a VAMOSYS affiliate and begin to bring in those leads, your rewards are destined to be perennial and grow exponentially. Shower yourself with rewards by achieving VAMOSYS set targets on a quarterly, bi-annual and annual basis, to get unique rewards such as all paid vacations. Note that there is no monetary investment from your side, whatsoever, as we value your earnings and VAMOSYS only aspires to offer you rewards rather than expecting any, in return.

Easy Registration

To be a VAMOSYS affiliate, you’ll have to register first, which is done by submitting your customary information, such as First name, Last name and Mail ID. Then comes the approval stage, where you’ll have to wait for us to get in touch with you and help you become verified and become an official VAMOSYS affiliate.

Be Your Own Boss

After a successful registration proceeding, you have complete freedom on choosing your working schedules. You are not obliged to present any information on your plans and tasks that you would set for yourself to achieve your precise targets. Be your own boss, as you make the rules and choose to alter them, in order to bring the best in you.

What is VAMOSYS affiliate program?

VAMOSYS affiliate Program is a great way for you to earn commissions by bringing in clients directly or by getting potential lead contacts and referring them to the sales team at VAMOSYS. You can earn up to 12% every time you get a lead and furthermore cut on the consistency of your performance, that may be on quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis.

Guaranteed Financial Freedom.

The GPS Vehicle Tracking Business is without a doubt, the booming platform to multiply your earnings in a short time considering your efforts. Such success means a peaceful mind for you and your finances and its future, giving you complete financial freedom in your spendings, let that be on a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis.

The exponential rise in your income

Sky’s the limit on how much you can earn through VAMOSYS affiliate program, given the effort you chose to apply, which should be a piece of cake for a talented you. Once you invest your time and mind into VAMOSYS affiliate program, you will be overwhelmed by our interest in making you an unstoppable force in the VAMOSYS affiliation program. So, why wait? Be a part of GPS Vehicle Tracking Technology today!

Free Training Programs.

VAMOSYS aims to bring out the best in our affiliates, and in order to do so, we offer free training to develop a perspective in understanding the market better. At the end of the training you will experience high rise in persuasive pitching skills. By sharing the necessary corporate tactics we assure a boost in your confidence in reaching your targets with sheer precision. VAMOSYS will offer you a training kit, marketing kit and sales kit, worth USD 750 free of cost.

Free Access to Marketing Tools.

All the registered VAMOSYS affiliates will be given access to necessary tools and how to use and make the most out of those tools. In case of future updates, the affiliates will be notified ASAP and essential information will be shared, as we seek what’s best for you and the company.

Our Affiliates Reviews:

Karnataka, Geetha Hegde, 27

“VAMOSYS is one of the best upcoming affiliate revenue generator in the world of telematics and I that helped me a lot in my earnings. With one of the best conversion rates in the GPS vehicle tracking technology, I was able to generate more revenue per lead from VAMOSYS than any other fleet management companies. VAMOSYS has been a productive partner in my personal corporate success. The brightest milestone in this successful path has been the knowledge and networking I’ve gained through VAMOSYS fleet management solutions.”

New Delhi, Kalpana Roy, 36

“VAMOSYS changed my life. It wasn’t easy for me to run a family since I’ve became a mother of two. My husband was the only provider for the family and that wasn’t enough to catch up with the rapid growing world. One of my friend suggested me to try VAMOSYS affiliate program and since then it has been a smooth ride, as I was able to work from home without any fixed schedules which meant that I didn’t have to give up my motherhood. The training program offered by VAMOSYS helped a lot in becoming what I am today; a confident affiliate in the telematics industry.”

Haryana, Sakshi Dutt, 21

“Even though it’s the 21st century, it is still not acceptable for a woman from conservative Indian family to make an independent living of my own. I was lucky enough that one my cousin who lives in Chennai made me aware of the VAMOSYS affiliate program to which I signed up, and the feeling of earning has been overwhelming. Apart from my personal pleasures, I gained a lot of knowledge in GPS fleet management and vehicle tracking systems.”

Mangalore, Rahul Bheke, 25

“I graduated from a well renowned MBA college couple of years ago, at least that’s what I thought about the reputation of the college. I simply couldn’t land a job, and the pressure from the family was at its peak. Then enter VAMOSYS affiliate program into my life. Right from me contacting them to me getting the required tools and training, it has been a exciting ride, as my income multiplied along with my networking, and this has brought to me a point where I am seeking a full time opportunity at VAMOSYS. With my brother’s knowledge on GPS vehicle tracking, as he was a fleet management operator, the whole journey has been fruitful few months so far.”


VAMOSYS Affiliate Program is a great way for you to earn commissions by simply bringing in the leads to our sales team, and once those leads become our clients, you can start earning your commissions. Earn up to 12% for each client, and please note that the percentage might vary for beginners.

Step 1: Sign up! By simply entering your customary information; your name, email ID and contact number.

Step 2: We manually asses all applicants within 2 business days. Once you are approved, we will send you setup instructions and other necessary details to get you up and running.

Just about anybody, as long as you are 18 and above. Whether you run a large commercial or link building website, a non-profit site, a small personal blog, or a freelancer and anything in between, you are utmost welcome to apply to be a part of VAMOSYS Affiliate Program. All applicants are manually assessed, and we reserve the right to refuse any application.

There is no monetary investment from your side, whatsoever, as we value your earnings and VAMOSYS only aspires to offer you rewards rather than expecting any, in return.

After a successful VAMOSYS Affiliate registration, you’ll be guided towards the VAMOSYS Affiliate training program, where you’ll be made aware of all the necessary information required for you to get started and become a top affiliate.

You can contact us for any questions and queries about the affiliate program. It typically takes between 24 – 36 hours for us to respond. Please note that we do not offer technical support for the affiliate program.