Who we are

We are domain experts. We have decades of experience in logistics, trucks, buses, etc. Our families, friends, distant relatives all are from logistics & trucking background for ages. So we know everything about fleet management. 

No. All of the above is not true. 

We don’t have decades of logistics & trucking experience, but we are extremely good at understanding problems. We are experts in technology, operations, communications, data analytics and we have qualifications & decades of experience on the same. 

For the past 5 years, we are associated with the logistics industry in providing GPS vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring solutions. We have interacted with 1000s of fleet operators. We discussed driver shortages, fuel thefts, etc for hours. But we never lived their life until we started “Driver Relay Service (DRS)”. Once we are into Fleet Operations we quickly understood the depth of the industry and its perennial problems.

At present we are in arrangement with few customers (fleet owners) on fleet operations. The customer takes care of handling the “core” business of Freight, we should take care of moving the trucks from point A to point B with our Driver Relay Network. Everything from the loading point to the unloading point is our problem.

Logistics or Fleet management is a very difficult business. Too many problems need to solve. Not for the faint-hearted. It has multiple touchpoints, so many different expenses, drivers, accidents, thefts, RTOs, Traffic police, fuel, breakdowns, always uncertainty in the business, huge working capital, too many failure points, 24×7 phone calls, and the problems list goes on. 

Entrepreneurs love problems. It’s an opportunity. So we started analyzing the industry-wide data we have captured. Here the results.

1. Most fleet owners are managing the business for a very long time and they knew everything about the business.

2. But the world has changed significantly over the period of time. 

3. Not only drastic improvements in communications, technology & infrastructure, but there is also a significant change in entropy (degree of disorders) too.

4. The increase in “degree of disorders” indicates that managing business with the same old tools and techniques that existed 10 or 20 years back will not help.

5. Eventually one will lose out to the competition if they don’t adapt to the new generation methodology of managing the business.

GPS Vehicle tracking system has solved location tracking problems. But humans behaviors are not the same as 10 or 20 years back. Along with satellite communications, digital transactions, digital documents, 24×7 express movements, new competitions, market disruptors, and spoilers human behavior also changed. All these changes demand a completely new platform to operate the business.

From the solutions point of view, there are few “Fleet Management solutions” available in the market but most of the providers have some vested interest in the freight business. Their interest in fleet visibility not in fleet efficiency. 

We sensed a vacuum here, also an opportunity. Being pure telematics providers without any conflict of interest we are in the best position to solve this problem. We started working on a comprehensive solution based on our experience and also with help of our beloved customers.

Just like a computer Operating System handles every hardware and software component in a computer, fleet business needs software (an Operating System) to monitor, control & trigger every interface, touchpoints, expenses, humans in this business. This necessity resulted in the “Fleet Operating Systems” software platform, shortly “FleetOS”.

“FleetOS” born out of our love towards solving challenging problems, love towards creating something unique, innovative, and useful. With the advent of 5G, the scope of FleetOS is getting bigger and we will be solving a lot more problems, creating exciting solutions in logistics space. 

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Team VAMOSYS (Vehicle Advanced Monitoring Systems)

FleetOS team
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Leader in Fleet Management and Telematics

We master in simplifying fleet operations and driver management. We thrive and drive on purely satisfying our customer’s needs irrespective of the day and time. We at Vamosys believe customer satisfaction is not just a duty, but a top priority anyway. 

We have mastered the telematics technology solutions for vehicle tracking, fuel monitoring, GPS tracking and asset management that are contributing positively to all our fleet management clients and dealers.

We are working on innovative Fleet OS (Fleet Operating System), new age technology to address the various problems faced by fleet managers and the logistics industry.

We constantly evolve our features on demand for our customers to make their life as easy as possible.



Prasanna K Ram

Founder & CEO

Ex-Infosys. Product-guy.

Senthil Kumar. P

Co-Founder & COO

Ex-Banker. Great Organizer.

Mani Raj

Co-Founder & Director of Sales

Ex-Banker. Compulsive workaholic. Safety Net.

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