India's first GPS-Integrated TPMS can measure tyre pressure in real time

An IoT-based platform that tracks tyre health in real time, saving money and ensuring passenger and freight safety.

What Changes will create by TMS

Tyre Pressure monitor system with inbuilt GPS Sensor

When the vehicle is on the move, GPS devices continuously collect information such as tyre pressure, tyre temperature, and internal battery power from the vehicle’s tyres via the TPMS system.

Save Money & Prevent Accidents by Monitoring Your Vehicle Tyres Online

Fleet management system integration

The TPMS monitors the pressures and temperatures of the tyres, which are integrated to the FleetOS (Fleet Management System) and forward the data to the platform.

Benefits of choosing VAMOSYS TPMS

Cost-effective tyre maintenance

Cost-effective tyre maintenance

Extends tyre's life

Increases Fuel Efficiency

Increases Fuel Efficiency

Reduces Roadside Downtime

Reduces Roadside Downtime

Decreases Maintenance Cost

Lowers Accidents

Lowers Accidents & Vehicle Damage

Increases Overall Tyre Health

Detects tyre Pressure

Detects tyre Pressure Levels & Temperature

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