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Vamosys Fuel Expense Analysis Report

Fuel Mileage
Fuel Expenses Without Solution - 450000
Fuel with vamosys Fuel Solution - 399960
0 %
Idling wastage
Fuel Expenses Without Solution - 54000
Fuel with vamosys Fuel Solution - 27000
0 %
Fuel Theft
Fuel Expenses Without Solution - 90000
Fuel with vamosys Fuel Solution - 36000
0 %

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Fuel Tank Level Sensor & GPS Tracking Device

Vamo Fuel sensor specification
FMB120 GPS Device
FMB 120 GPS-Device

Reports Generated by Our Fuel Monitoring Solutions

Fuel Consumption Report

With the fuel consumption report you can easily identify the fuel theft happened at which location and time, you can also check whether the driver is over speeding which causes less fuel mileage, check your entire fleet at single place.


Fuel Mileage Analysis

With the fuel mileage analysis you can check entire fleets’ fuel consumption in accordance to the distance covered and how much fuel has been consumed.


Vehicle Tracking

The dashboard gives you the exact location of the vehicle on a map, the dashboard also shows how much distance your vehicle has covered and also the max speed, battery health, vehicle name and custom features can be integrated on demand.


Over speed Report

Over-speeding is the major cause of road accidents, with the over-speeding report you can identify when the vehicle over-speeds, shows the date, time and the duration of over speeding and the nearest location of where the over-speeding occurred.

Idle Wastage

Truck fuel wastage is the major problem in fuel management, you can check how much minutes and hours the truck has idled, location at which place & time the wastage has happened, get entire history of vehicle idle data on report.


Consolidated Report

Consolidated reports are the compilation list of all the reports in one place, you can view status of the vehicle whether is it moving or idle, you can get trip start time and end time, the total trip duration time can also be seen in one single platform.

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