National Permit For Your Vehicle

It is mandatory for all commercial goods vehicles to get a national permit for transportation and logistics services.

Download, Check Status and Apply National Permit Online for Vehicle

The government of India has prescribed certain rules and regulations for the vehicle movements on Indian roads, the vehicles that are used for passenger and goods carrier need to get a permit from the transport department. There are two types of permits issued by the government for vehicles – State Permit and National Permit.

The national permit is officially called as All India National Permit, it the document authorizes vehicles to carry goods in India. The permit is issued under the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1989 under sections 86 and 87 of the act. The National Permit is issued minimum for four states, in addition as per the vehicle owner’s request.

Online Application Process for Vehicle National Permit

It is mandatory for all goods carrier vehicles to have a valid national permit document to carry the load and movement on Indian roads. In general, the vehicle permit is issued 9 years for the motor cab and 8 years for the other types of vehicle such as heavy vehicles trucks, trailers, and containers.

To apply for the national permit for the vehicle, the below-mentioned documents are required:

The national permit will be issued by the respective Regional Transport Office (RTO) after submitting the proper documents. To get the national permit the vehicle owner needs to submit the form online using the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has launched parivahan sewa portal for national permit online application. After proper inspection of documents and online fee payment, the RTO official issues the National permit to the vehicle.

How to Check Vehicle National Permit Status online?

To check the status of the National permit status for the vehicle on online after completing the inspection procedure, documents submission and fee payment, the vehicle owner need to wait for few days to process the application. After few days the national permit status of the vehicle can be checked by following the below-mentioned steps.

By following the above steps the users can check the status of their national permit status on the parivahan portal.

Fee for Vehicle National Permit in India

The national permit fee varies according to the vehicle type – light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles. The fee structure is mentioned below:

Type of Vehicle Fee Permit period
Goods vehicle LCV
5 years
Goods vehicle HCV
5 years

Payment Procedure of National Permit Online Payment

To get the national permit for the vehicle, the owner needs to the requisite fee to get the permit certificate from the transport official. In the era of digitalization, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has launched the parivahan sewa portal to make transportation department digitalization. To pay the fee for national permit, the vehicle owners can pay online via parivahan portal, 

To make a national permit fee online payment, the vehicle owner need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Payment Procedure of National Permit Online Payment

Before you get a public grant for your vehicle, you should check public license rules in the country. The guidelines for public license for vehicles, or public grant for bikes are unique in relation to traveler vehicles moving highway or public grant for trucks rules. As indicated by the public license framework, the principles to follow and conditions to be met to get a public grant are:


How to download the national permit certificate online?

As of now, the Parivahan Sewa entryway just permits you to check the public license status of your vehicle and make the public grant installment on the web. To get the license, you should visit the Regional Transport Authority of your state.

How to renew the national permit for the vehicle?

To renew your national permit, you must submit the expired/non-expired permit, along with vehicle documents, up-to-date tax receipts, insurance certificate, permit renewal fee etc., 15 days before the expiry of the permit to the RTO. You can pay the permit renewal fee online on the Parivahan Sewa website.

Who issues the national permit certificate for the vehicle?

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) is the national permit issuing authority in India.

What is the verification process for the national permit?

You can confirm the legitimacy or check public license status online by means of the Parivahan Sewa entrance. To do as such, you can sign in to the Parivahan Sewa site, and check with the assistance of your enrollment number and the last five characters of your case number.