Mobile Phone Tracking - Myth and Facts

Mobile phone tracking is the best alternative to the fleet management system. Most of the fleet managers prefer the wired GPS tracking system as they believe that is the best!

But the reality is most of the logistics and transportation are not aware or misguided on cell phone tracking is a good source of basic tracking. Since they have more information on the advantages of the GPS tracking system and imparted more drawbacks of mobile phone tracking.

I take this opportunity to explain in detail about myths and reality about the GPS tracking system and mobile phone tracking using the SIM card in this article.

Myths and reality on Mobile SIM Tracking

Most of the times, we believe the roomers and false propaganda without understanding or analysing the truth.

Here in this section, I have highlighted some of the popular myths on mobile SIM tracking and reality behind those myths.

Mobile Tracking Myths and Facts

1. Myths and reality on Mobile SIM Tracking

Myth: It is unethical to track the workers and employee mobile phone with or without their permission.

Fact: As a fleet manager, you can track the truck driver mobile phone with the aid SIM consent from the driver. In this scenario, it is ethical to track the mobile of your driver. But in certain countries it ethical to track employee, workers, driver without consent also. For this, you need to be aware of local laws of the land before tracking the mobile phones.

2. Cell Phone Tracking is Illegal

Myth: It is illegal to track the mobile of users for tracking and it is a punishable offence.

Fact: The reality is if mobile tracking using SIM card is done for the commercial purpose after getting legal certificates from the concerned authorities, company or fleet managers can track the mobile phone of employees and drivers for work-related purposes.

Note: It is recommended to avoid using such services for personal tracking of your near and dear ones!

3. Privacy Issue in Mobile Tracking

Myth: User privacy is affected by using mobile tracking in personal life.

Reality: The fact is drivers have the option to disable the tracking if they are not on duty. If the driver has any personal work or driving his personal vehicle, the driver can disable the mobile tracking.

The fleet manager intention is to track the vehicle not the person. Since you are not driving the truck he has no need to track you anymore.

4. Mobile Phone Signal is Weak

Myth: Mobile signal will be weak in no network area

Fact: There will no mobile signal in the no network area, to a certain extent it is true, that one cannot track the mobile phone using SIM card in the no coverage region. But the fact is, no driver is going to remain static in the no network region and tracks the vehicle only in periodic cycles ( once in 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, etc) it won’t create much impact the tracking.

Myths and Reality on GPS Tracking System

As a part of GPS Company, I would like to take this privilege on explaining the unrealistic myths that are believed in the GPS tracking system. Listing some of the popular myths about GPS application and the fact about myth.

1. App Stability Issues

Myth: Mobile phones apps are unstable and not suitable for commercial GPS tracking.

Reality: The smartphone revolution started a decade or so. At the initial stage of smartphone launched in the market, there were certain instability issues on smartphone apps. The reality is, the smartphone industry got revolutionised in the last few years, developers are developing an app with great standards on Android and iOS mobile phones.

The GPS app getting crashed and unreliable is no more a fact, it is just a myth!

2. Mobile OS Issues

Myth: Mobile apps are often affecting the applications installed on the device.

Fact: To certain extend the above-mentioned statements was true earlier especially in low-cost mobiles and android versions that are below 5. Now, the developers are getting into details to avoid such activities. The OS issues and app crashing are minimised in the last few years.

So, no need to worry about mobile operating systems from now on.

3. Manipulation of GPS software

Myth: To a certain extent, this is true, as the user may on/off the GPS tracking and manipulate the GPS apps. But the reality is different

Fact: If there is any change or manipulation in GPS tracking device and GPS software apps, all the changes that are related to manipulation or tampering the devices are recorded on the latest advanced software applications.

So, from now onwards, all the tamperings are also getting reported!

4. GPS Tracker App Drains Battery Soon

Myth: GPS tracking application drains the battery quickly.

Fact: The app draining battery is very rare and it may be due to various conditions. But in the GPS tracking app, the app doesn’t drain the battery fastly. As there has been an improvement in software advancement, developers are developing better apps in all fields.

5. GPS tracking software uses high mobile data

Myth: GPS tracking software uses more mobile internet data.

Fact: In the GPS tracking software using GPS devices, the application tracks only the vehicle and other vehicle parameters. The application is not sharing images, files reports that consume more data. On average, there will be only 4 to 5 MB data used by GPS tracking software for vehicle tracking.

Technology advancement aims to solve real-life problems in a positive way but we always don’t believe the real intention behind the development. Whatever you have heard or told to you about GPS tracking application and mobile tracking may not be true!

6. The Accuracy level of GPS receiver

Myth: GPS receiver is not accurate on mobile phones.

Fact: The technology has been improved, to support the location tracking there are a lot of satellites have been launched all over the world by developed countries like GPS (US), Russian GLONASS, European Gallelio, Chinese Beidou and India GAGAN (INRSS) to provide more accurate and reliable global positioning system.

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