ITALON Fuel Sensor - Vehicle Tracking System - VAMOSYS
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ITALON Fuel Sensor

VAMOSYS ITALON FUEL SENSOR gives you the most accurate data on the vehicle’s fuel levels. VAMOSYS ITALON FUEL SENSOR is high precision fuel level sensor, designed for remote accurate management on fuel usage.
Analog output signal range:From 0 to 20V
Frequency output signal range:From 30 to 2000 Hz
Digital signal rangeFrom 0 to 4095
Interface for digital data exchange with external devicesRS-485
DC power supply voltagefrom 7 to 40V
Operating temperature range, °Cfrom minus 40 to plus 80
Relative reduced measurement error, not more than1%
Power consumption:
0.55 W, not more than 0.9 W
  • standard length of the sensor is 1000 mm, while others are 700 mm only
  • no visible fasteners, which ensures additional protection against intruders
  • sensor comes with a sealing kit
  • sensor connector and seat are compatible with some other suppliers
  • sensor connector and sealed lead-in are integral to increase protection against fuel and moisture