How SIM-Based Tracking Boosts Efficiency and Profits?

When you are running a new truck business, the most important thing you will require is a fleet management app. 

GPS-based fleet management apps operate through the internet connection, but sim-based tracking apps do not need an Internet connection to provide you with real-time data regarding your truck business. 

When you have a SIM-Based tracking system installed on your business, you can effectively boost the efficiency of your operations. 

You do not have to have a fleet or truck; you can even have a car business or a mixture of all these three vehicles; when you have a professional monitoring system that you can access from your mobile device, it is going to provide you with the best way to manage the cost and behavior of your drivers. 

Now we are going to show you how a sim-based tracking app boosts the efficiency and profit of your business, but before that, we are going to show you some basics and the importance of tracking without GPS.

SIM Tracking

What is Tracking without GPS?

Sim-based Tracking means identifying the location of your vehicle using a SIM. The SIM shares the geographic element from the nearest cellular tower. 

When the SIM-installed vehicle moves near the cellular tower, the data regarding the vehicle will be transported to the application or the fleet management software. 

In the fleet management software, the manager will be able to access the data regarding the vehicle at regular intervals. 

Sim-based tracking software is not as convenient as a GPS tracking system because, in the GPS tracking mechanism, the fleet manager can access the whereabouts of the vehicle in real time. 

Still, SIM-tracking is more of an affordable solution and easy to use as well. You don’t need to install any sensor on your vehicle or pay for its maintenance. But how does the fleet management business benefit from a sim-based tracking system?

Why Do Businesses Use Mobile Tracking?

In the logistics business, there are vehicles that are always on the move. Therefore, it happens often that an unplanned vehicle or unplanned task appears out of nowhere. 

At times there is no free vehicle available for a delivery task because all your vehicles are occupied or at the maintenance level. And in this case, what would you do? 

You will have to hire a vehicle or manage a free vehicle to complete the delivery task. 

When you are on it to complete a delivery task, you will need to track the movement of the vehicle. 

In that position, when you are in a hurry, you cannot set up a GPS device and track the movements of your vehicle that quickly, and if the driver of your truck has an old mobile device, then he won’t be able to access the GPS based tracking system at all. 

That’s where SIM-based tracking comes in. It is particularly a hassle to call the truck drivers and ask about their whereabouts every single minute, but if you are worried about their efficiency and productivity, then you can use mobile tracking and make sure that they are providing the best to your company. 

Mobile tracking or sim-based tracking uses the location of your employees or driver by using their phone numbers and the consent of the operator. 

The phone number provides tracking information and you can get the location of your driver on the phone. Now we are going to talk about what are the key benefits of using a SIM-based tracking system to boost the efficiency of your fleet business.

What Are the Benefits of SIM-Tracking or Tracking without GPS?

There are many proven benefits of SIM tracking or tracking without GPS, and here in this section, we are going to talk about those benefits briefly.

1.Cost-Effective Tracking

SIM-Tracking Is not as expensive as GPS-based tracking. You don’t have to install a SIM card on your vehicle or anything. 

All you have to do is contact the operator of the SIM card that your driver is using and ask them to enable tracking. And then, you can learn about the whereabouts of your vehicle from your driver’s location.

2.No-Installation Hassle

You don’t have to install a GPS sensor on your car or vehicle to track its location. All you need to do is have your driver or employee’s phone number, the permission to track them, and the permission from the operator of the SIM card. 

When you have the information needed, you can enter those details on the tracking portal and get started with vehicle tracking.

3.Internet Connection is Not Needed

The best thing about SIM tracking is it does not require an internet connection, and you can even use it for remote areas where there is no internet connectivity or poor internet connectivity.

4.Schedule Tracking Easily

You cannot track every vehicle manually from a regular interval for real-time updates because this approach is prone to errors. 

Some tracking systems even give you access to schedule tracking processes even when you are using mobile tracking. You can schedule how frequently you require the data.


SIM-Based Tracking Gives you notifications and alerts for your drivers and vehicles. So every time your vehicles and drivers move, you will receive a notification on your phone, which will help you keep track of your vehicle as well as maintain employees’ productivity. 

The only disadvantage of using sim-based tracking over GPS tracking is that you won’t be able to know when your driver is leaving the vehicle and attending personal work because the SIM is not connected with your vehicle; rather, it is connected with the driver.

Sushanthi is a Content Writer who wishes to be the voice of brands to project their innovative ideas and stories through her writing skills.

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