Having a digital dashboard for fleet management can save both time and money for your business. - Vehicle Tracking System - VAMOSYS
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Having a digital dashboard for fleet management can save both time and money for your business.

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GPS fleet management system is not always considered to be critical to the company. However, companies are still under tremendous pressure to accomplish more with fewer resources, which is where an efficient solution for fleet management can help accomplish goals. Every fleet manager wants to obtain big yields without wasteful spending, but these are four of the main problems hampering adequate fleet management with the multiple problems that occur within the operation of a particular company:

Traffic taking uptime

Traffic congestion has a major effect on fleet management companies, not just in terms of spending on fuel, but how many journeys a car can make a day, and this has a direct effect on cash flow.

Navigating across traffic congestion implies a vehicle use much less fuel and can also fit into more employment per day or boost the number of billable hours each day.

Cost-saving concerns

The VAMOSYS ‘ latest study of fleet executives, 59 percent of participants said they agree that they spend too much time reporting on working hours, the most frustrating element of fleet management is the elevated price and fuel use.

In particular, the study points out that fleet executives also feel that their vehicles drain more cash from the company than they should.

Communicating with drivers

Staying linked to your team is essential, thereby collectively boosting efficiency. This enables you to communicate emails to drivers, guarantee road safety, and have the certainty that the right ETA will deliver.

More than 60% said that the failure of field teams to follow allocated schedules harms the company, according to the VAMOSYS report.

Giving customers the best service

Customer service consistent and quality plays a crucial role in the success of your business. Meanwhile, clients may have chosen to do company with their rivals if they do not meet their expectations.

58% of the fleet executives surveyed estimate that around 33% of the moment their drivers fail to achieve their destination within the customer’s first ETA. Late deliveries are equivalent to bad service.

Here’s how telematics and workflow automation can solve the difficulties faced by fleet executives.

What is a digital dashboard?

Sheet-based systems extend your task list as a fleet manager. They bring more administrative responsibilities and slowing down your delivery time.

Shifting to digital fleet management from manual will help you communicate better schedules and enhance the leadership of fleet drivers.

Digital fleet solutions can decrease the danger of human mistakes in the field, guarantee time effectiveness and maintain costs low.

Why consider using your fleet management’s automation and digital dashboard?

You need complete control of your fleet or plan mishaps as a fleet manager, reduced driver safety and greater fuel expenses can hamper the success of the business.

You are just one person and can only do so much, which is why companies like yours automate some or all of their daily tasks in the management of the fleet.

Let’s introduce you to just six of VAMOSYS incredible digital dashboard characteristics that help you manage an effective fleet: understand who costs you more and why.

The VAMOSYS dashboard enables you to see readily who are your greatest and worst drivers and why they are ranked in this manner. This allows you to set greater expectations and provide your team with suggestions that will allow them to satisfy them while enhancing their driving and effectiveness when meeting deadlines or attending meetings. You could even transform it into a match with prizes for the most fuel-efficient driver every month for a good dose of competition.

Track the movements of your fleet.

Whenever your fleet has left its headquarters, it can be anybody’s guess where they’re going, how they’re getting there, and what they’re getting up between them; and this can eventually cost you a lot further without you realizing it’s going on. VAMOSYS dashboard monitors your vehicles and alerts you to unauthorized use outside of your usual operating hours, as well as helpful day-to-day characteristics such as understanding where your cars are during their day-to-day operations, or even where your vehicles are when they are robbed.

See the trends and learn from them.

The VAMOSYS dashboard allows you to see short-and long-term trends and patterns in the behavior of your drivers and how they affect your company and its budgets. Not only that, but you will be warned instantly if any of your drivers drive in an unsafe manner. This provides your employees with powerful training possibilities so you can help improve their abilities while restricting further problems in the future.

Reduce your fuel costs and budget accordingly.

One of the greatest expenses of operating a good fleet is probably the price of fuel and, with prices continually rising, it is unlikely to alter anytime quickly. You can discover the most fuel-efficient ride with VAMOSYS’ digital dashboard and understand how the conduct of your driver affects these expenses–from speed to severe driving practices. These instruments can also assist enhance your expenses and the carbon footprint of your business.

Timetables straight forward.

At the end of each week, each driver will generate a report rapidly and email it to your inbox. No more paper, no longer chasing forgotten timetables, no longer wasting time arguing over hours: easy, effective, clear.

Find out how much idling is costing your business.

How many times have you left an idling engine and prolonged a few seconds into a few minutes without realizing it? This period is adding up and in the long run, it can cost your company a lot of cash. VAMOSYS keeps track of this and lets you understand how much cash can be saved by restricting the time and fuel spent.

VAMOSYS telematics is perfectly placed through the dashboard to provide a cost-effective solution for customers. Ensure success in fleet management by visiting VAMOSYS website for more about today’s class-leading, creative, revenue-generating alternatives for your business.


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