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GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution by VAMOSYS – An Overview

in vehicle tracking system


  1. Track
  2. Reports
  3. Analytics
  4. Statistics
  5. Sensor
  6. Performance

Track– View the status and location of your entire fleet, live on the map (individual vehicle or group). Track vehicle-position in real-time for every meter by meter.

Reports – Get consolidated reporting on demand for various features such as idling, speeding, trip, fuel analytics, ignition, tollgate, executive fuel and much more reports in detail.

Analytics – Analyze the collective information of your fleet behaviour and alter if necessary for better performance of your fleet.

Statistics – View the statistical data of the vehicle(s) of your fleet in bar chart format, and pinpoint the pros and cons of your fleet performance.

Sensor – View temperature and fuel analytics, performances, deviations, and much more data for your VAMOSYS Fuel and Temperature sensors.

Performances – View daily and monthly performances of your fleet, for a better understanding of their performances on the short and long runs.


  • Map – Choose between Open Street Map (OSM) and Google street maps, for the comfortable tracking of your fleet vehicle(s).
  • Vehicle profile – View key details of every vehicle such as the model, registration number, driver’s name, and much more necessary details.


  • Orange- Idle
  • Grey- Parking
  • Green- Moving
  • Red- Over Speed
  • Pink- No Data
  • Blue- Geofence
  • History – View the trail and performance history of your fleet, which can be for an individual vehicle or multiple vehicles on the same map. (Write under the image)

Reports History – View weekly and monthly reports of your the choice of your fleet.

3.1.0 (1) & 3.1.0 (2) – Change and view name and vehicle groups.

3.1.0 (3) – Selected vehicle status Vehicle history log – View individual vehicles’ history log for the past seven days. (option to get 1 years log)

Click the top right button for choosing different vehicles individually to track their history.

Playback Speed – Click on the playback option to get a complete history of your vehicle’s movement (routes) and performance (data) in the past seven days.

3.2 Route Deviation – Set a specific route(s) for your fleet vehicles and get notified instantly in case the vehicle deviates from the route other than the allotted routes

4.Edit vehicle details – Alter details such driver’s name, registration number and much more and get updated instantly.

  • Vehicle info – View vehicle information such as vehicle battery status, odometer status, and other essential details.

Reports → 5.1 Dashboard – View detailed reports such as moving reports, idle reports, parking reports, distance (km)reports, location reports, avg. speed reports, battery usage reports, fuel usage reports and much more, for each vehicle.

Analytics – Monitor vehicle movement status and summaries, such as moving, speeding, idle, ignition, trip summary, alarm, stoppage, site trip, trip time, no data and route deviation

Statistics – View the statistical data of the vehicle(s) of your fleet in a bar chart format, and pinpoint the pros and cons of your fleet performance.

View vehicle wise Performance, executive fuel reports, places of interest, monthly distance covered and fuel consumed.

Account management – View payment details, edit password, notifications, get API key and customize your landing page in this section.

Account holder’s/Organization’s name

Schedule – Customize and set schedules for selected reports and get notified on time. Once the schedules are set, you do not have to stay logged in, as you’ll be receiving notifications via your registered mail id.

7.1 & 7.2 – Select the scheduling time.

7.3 – Select report type. (M- Movement, PI- Point of interest, O- Over speed, S- Site, FR- Fuel Raw)

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