Fuel Monitoring System: 6 Dimensions

Fuel monitoring, what is it exactly? Does the fuel monitoring system really work? Before using a fuel monitoring system in your organization, you should know everything about it. 

We know there are a lot of questions that will be running inside you. Here are 5 Ws and 1 H, which answer all your questions on the fuel monitoring system.

1. What is a Fuel Monitoring System?

The fuel monitoring system is a telematics technology designed to maintain, control, and monitor a vehicle’s real-time fuel level, fuel consumption, fuel filling, fuel efficiency and prevent fuel drains and fraudulent activities.

2. How does fuel tracking work?

The fuel management system works with the help of fuel sensors attached to the fuel tank. This system is designed to accurately record fuel-level readings in the fuel tank, including the battery level and ignition status. 

Those readings are fed into a computing unit and then transmitted to the cloud server through GSM technology. This fuel data can be accessed even from remote locations anytime, through a web platform or mobile application. 

Fuel level changes can be measured in different ways using fuel gauge meter, mileage calculation, etc. But fuel sensors help you deduct fuel fill, sudden drain, and any fuel tank activities. Like fuel fill, fuel consumption rate, and theft records, every fuel tank activity is captured and communicated through SMS, Email, or mobile application notifications. 

Fuel level changes can be measured in different ways using fuel gauge meter, mileage calculation, etc. But fuel sensors help you deduct fuel fill, sudden drain, and any fuel tank activities. Like fuel fill, fuel consumption rate, and theft records, every fuel tank activity is captured and communicated through SMS, Email, or mobile application notifications. 

3. Why do you want one?

Fuel is a constant price-raising element, and it is a significant expense in many industries. Not only logistics and fleet business, who get affected by fuel efficiency, approximately every business gets affected by fuel efficiency.     

How has your fleet fuel efficiency affected?

Improving fuel efficiency by a percent can save a million litres of fuel usage in an organization. There are a lot of possible ways to minimize your fuel expenses, but here are some of the common mistakes we make daily which affect our fuel efficiency. 

  1. Missing out Regular Vehicle Maintenance
  2. Improper Route Planning
  3. Rash Driving/ Neutral driving/ Coasting  
  4. Vehicle Idling
  5. Neglecting Tyre Pressure 
  6. Fuel contaminations
  7. Filling fuel in different pumps 
  8. Don’t know how to prevent fuel theft

These are the common mistakes we make in our daily lives; these common mistakes’ severe impact will affect fuel efficiency. 

Do we have any solution to solve these factors? Yes! Fuel Monitoring System. 

What are the benefits of a Fuel Monitoring System?

1. Diesel Theft Prevention

The fuel monitoring system is mainly installed to monitor and manage fuel consumption; Fuel theft is actually deducted by the sudden drop of fuel in the fuel tank. Any activities like sudden fuel drop, fuel fill, or any fuel tank activities are recorded and alerted via e-mail or SMS.

2. Sensors for Multiple Fuel Tanks in a Vehicle

Multiple tanks in a vehicle store fuel in separate tanks and the engine runs on one fuel tank at a time. Fuel monitoring sensors are available for various fuel tank vehicles to monitor multiple tank fuel activities. 

3. Minimize your Operational Cost

Fuel cost is always the biggest fear and significant factor in business expenses, profit, and cost-effectiveness; fuel monitoring systems become an essential and necessary element by monitoring, controlling fuel usage, and preventing fuel theft from increasing fuel efficiency. 

4. Get Reports in your Hands

Automated fuel reports in your hand; Nice to hear, right? What will you get in these fuel reports? Mileage and fuel fill or empty rates are already seen in fuel gauge and odometer; then what is new in that fuel reports? 

GPSVTS fuel reports not only provide you with fuel fill and milage reports it also gives you about fuel usage target for a trip, actual fuel consumption, fuel theft report with date & time, speed report, but fuel also normalizes record, driving behavior report, overall fuel expenditure, and many more advantages. 

5. Alerts on Fuel Fills and Drain

Fuel monitoring sensors will help you by providing alert notifications if any fuel-related activities are performed in the fuel tank, like fuel filling or fuel draining with date, time, and location. These alert notifications are sent via E-mail or SMS. 

The fuel monitoring system helps you to reduce your operation work and expenditure. These reasons are enough to know why you want one in your business.

4. When do you want to use a fuel monitoring system?

Around 35% of the fleet expenditure goes towards fuel purchase. In commercial businesses like the transport sector, logistics, mining, construction, and many more sectors hit 45-50% of fuel expenditure. But this fuel expense is not a constant factor. Managing fuel expenses becomes really tough if there is no perfect supervision over fuel consumption.

Here are five common situations to use a fuel monitoring system 

  1. If you want to manage, control, and make a record of fuel consumption.
  2. To prevent and avoid fuel theft. 
  3. To achieve maximum fuel efficiency.
  4. To reduce fleet operational cost.
  5. To avoid fuel contamination and engine damage. 

5. Who needs fuel tracking?

The demand for fuel monitoring systems is on the rise in the market. Every logistics company and fleet businesses focus on their fuel expenses. Fuel monitoring solution serves the need of every type of fleet. 

Who can make use of a fuel monitoring system? Individuals or fleet business operators who face problems with fuel-related factors.  

Here is a video that clearly explains a logistic owner’s problem in his organization over fuel and why he uses the fuel monitoring system. 

In this video, the owner of Gopi Transport and his transport head stated that they weren’t able to give importance to fuel consumption and fuel theft between their tight operation schedules. Usually, 30-40 liters of fuel loss or fuel theft is neglected in his organization.

But, the COVID-19 situation made a serious impact on the Gopi transport. They were forced to change the aspect to run their business successfully. To rectify this situation, they used the fuel monitoring system to avoid fuel loss and control fuel expenses in the organization. 

This rectification in his organization made them successful in their business. After the COVID impact, they installed fuel sensors from VAMOSYS. Now they are not only preventing fuel fraud; they are also maintaining the vehicle by knowing the fuel consumption, mileage, vehicle performance level, and many more factors by using reports. 

6. Where do you get one?

Everyone in the fleet business wants to lower fleet operational expenses. To make progress, it’s necessary to manage your fleet successfully. The Fuel monitoring system helps you to attain such success. 

Vamosys is a telematics provider company; who provides a complete fleet management systemfuel monitoring system, and GPS Vehicle tracking system with software. 

In fuel monitoring, Vamosys supply Italon fuel sensors to the customers, based on Russian Technology. Why we use Italon Fuel Sensor? It provides precise results and is processed on a secure server.

It is proved that our customers saved more than 30%-35% fuel revenue in their organization. Vamosys Fuel sensors are a solution to prevent fuel theft and perfect for recording every activity in the fuel tank and notifying them by e-mail and SMS. 

Fortunately, we provide this amazing technology for both Android and iOS Mobile.

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