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Fuel Tracking | Route Alert | Schedule Report

fuel monitoring system

Fuel Tracking | Route Alert | Schedule Report

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VAMO Systems Planned to Enhances Scheduling Reports with 99% Fuel Usage Visibility

VAMOSYS Planned to upgrade its routeing and scheduling Report that will enable vehicle operators’ accurately compare considered vs. real levels of fuel spending for a trip.

Fuel Tracking System:

Fuel costs are a big factor for the Transport sector. This solution will definitely make a big difference to Vehicle owner’s to reduce fuel costs. With our experience in GPS Vehicle Tracking dynamic routeing and scheduling report, we are continuously looking at ways to help our customers overcome the complex transport challenges they face.

Exactly this upgraded report shows the fuel tracking data’s which can be taken directly from an approved CAN bus incorporated vehicle tracking system and analyzed aligned with predicted consumption figures.

It’s calculated during the planning process, to identify where route planning can be improved.

“Most of GPS vehicle tracking software provider’s in India can’t capture precise fuel usage, but we planned to provide realistic estimations regarding how a vehicle should be performing on this particular route it fully depends on IOT Concept,” explained Prasanna K Ram, Director of VAMO Systems Private Limited.


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