Traffic eChallan Online Payment: Check Status and Download

In India, for any traffic rules violations, a fine is imposed and the offender should pay the fine. The process was tedious earlier where traffic officials will issue the fine challan and the offender has to pay after verifying the various documents. To simplify the process and digitize the traffic challan under the digital India age, the eChallan system has evolved to streamline the traffic eChallan process using online payment gateway.

Get more details about What is eChallan, How eChallan works and How to know the payment status and pay eChallan online.

Login to the Vaahan Portal to Check Status of E-Challan

What is E-Challan?

E-Challan is an online document of any traffic rules violation done by the offender on Indian roads. The e-Challan was introduced to bring traffic violation fine challans under digitalization and accessible under a single platform, so that the citizens of India have all the details, status, and download the copy from the online portal.

How does an E-Challan work?

The traffic department in India issues the e-Challan to all traffic rule offenders if they violate the rules and regulations prescribed by the government of India. The traffic department has installed cameras on every signal, junctions and major road points, if any one violates the road rules, the camera captures the vehicle registration details. Based on the vehicle registration and rules violation the e-challan will be issued to the offender. The offender details will be accessed through registration number – address, phone number, vehicle owner name will be picked from there. Using this information, the RTO offices release the e-Challan to the vehicle owner through the registered mobile number an SMS will be sent with fine details. 

With the help of this e-challan online system, users can do an e-challan status check, get all their e-challan details and make their traffic e-challan payment.

Login to the Vaahan Portal to Check Status of E-Challan

How to make traffic e challan payment through Parivahan Portal?

Step 1: Enter the website on browser

Step 2: Challan number, vehicle number, or Driving License number details should be entered on the page 

Step 3: Click on ‘Get Detail’ button after entering Captcha details

Step 4: The user can check the details of E-Challan on the new page 

Step 5: Choose on ‘Pay Now’ option under the Payment section to proceed further 

Step 6: Select the mode of payment from the given options. Users can pay through online banking, credit or debit card 

Step 7: Once the payment is done, an SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number

How to check e-Challan status online on Parivahan Portal?

If the user want to download and find the misplaced e-Challan, it can be retrieved from the RTO parivahaan portal of Minitry of Road and Highways (MoRTH) to get the challan details online. How to check the e-Challan online on parivahan portal details are mentioned below: 

Step 1: Logon to

Step 2: Select the ‘Check Challan Status’ button on the page

Step 3: Enter Driving License (DL No) Number or vehicle number on the new page

Step 4: If there is no challan under DL or vehicle number Challan not Found message will popup.

Step 5: If the user have any pending challan then the challan details will shown in the page.

Login to the Vaahan Portal to Check Status of E-Challan

E-Challan will be issued for violating traffic rules under New Motor Vehicle Act 2019

To have a safe ride on roads, drivers need to follow the basic traffic rules for not only avoiding penalties but also for running a successful logistics business. Some of the essential traffic rules in India:

Keep Left

In the Indian roads, the vehicles should always keep on the left-hand side of the road and drive on the left side of roadways.

Use Indicators

While driving vehicles, use proper signal indicators to avoid road mishaps and accidents.

Wear Helmet while Driving 2-Wheeler

It is mandatory to wear helmet for two wheel driving under section129 r/w 177 of Motor Vehicle Act.

Wear Seatbelts in LMV and HMV

Always wear the seat belt while drving light motor vehicles such as cars and also for heavy duty vehicles as presecribed under138 (3) CMVR law.

Avoid Mobile phones while driving

It is punishable offence to use mobile phone while driving vehicle under section 184 of Motor Vehicle Act.

Display Vehicle Registered Number Properly

Proper display of vehicle registration number is mandatory (39 r/w 192 of the Motor Vehicle Act).

Always Overtake from the right side

While driving vehicle, overtake the vehicle from the right side and avoid the left side overtaking.

Give way for emergency services

Ensure proper way has been given to emergency vehicles such as Ambulance, Fire services (194E of Motor Vehicle Ac