Fuel monitoring system

 Fuel Monitoring System


What is Fuel Monitoring System?


The demand for fuel monitoring systems is on the rise. The reason for this demand is obvious. All the transport and logistics corporations have the common goal of minimizing costs with maximizing efficiency. To attain such success, it’s a necessity to micro manage your fleet. Thus, the fuel monitoring system comes into play to keep a track on the fuel usage with the control at your fingertips.


A fuel monitoring system is a solution that works with help of a fuel sensor which is mounted in the vehicle’s fuel tank. This solution helps in identifying fuel theft or loss from the tank, which can be by means of overfilling or draining. Unfortunately fuel theft is very common in transport and logistics businesses. To find out how fuel monitoring system can help your business, read further.


The Problems


Overfilling the vehicles in your fleet can cost your business extra. The drivers could use the petroleum bunks to fill their personal canisters and sell it or use it for their personal needs. The draining or fuel theft usually takes place when the vehicle is at stop on the roadside and the driver isn’t around the vehicle.


Every time there is the case of overfilling or fuel theft, it costs financial loss and mental distresses for the owner of the vehicles. By investing in fuel monitoring systems, you can experience the difference in a month’s time. Fuel tracking solutions can detect fuel theft and rapid depletion instantly and react to the scenario instantly.


Why Invest in Fuel Monitoring Systems?


By investing in fuel tracking solutions you have the advantage over your competitors in making your business run efficiently. As mentioned earlier, the problems of fuel theft and overfilling can be nullified. Generate reports on demand, from anywhere at anytime via App notifications, emails and SMS. Keep a close track on the fuel usage. Monitor the number of kilometres covered is accounted for the amount of liters consumed by the vehicle.

Fuel monitoring system is easy to install and suits with most vehicles.

In conclusion, The installation of fuel monitoring devices for your trucks, buses or vans makes it worth every rupee. Get and stay ahead of your competitors, not to mention, with a peace of mind and complete monitoring of your fleets’ fuel usage. Why wait? Contact VAMOSYS today!

A Small Leap – GAJA Relief by VAMOSYS

A Small Leap

A Small Leap

Cyclone Gaja

The events of cyclone ‘Gaja’ has been devastating, during as well as the aftermath. The damage to property has been ridiculously catastrophic. Destruction to croplands, uprooting of trees and broken homes has made everyday livelihoods difficult. Adding insult to the injury, a complete power shutdown for the next one to two months is expected. With improper supply of tools and management programmes in place, it is going to be difficult and time consuming for the people in those areas to get back on their feet.


The help arriving from the State and National authorities has been minimal as of now. Nevertheless, the involvement of the private bodies bringing in the support is helping the cause. ‘Gaja’ did receive the amount of media attention to match that of the 2015 chennai floods. This could be due to the fact that the affected regions are mostly rural areas. Nevertheless, a good deal of private organisations have come forward as part of their “corporate social responsibility” to help the ones affected by ‘Gaja’.


We at Vamosys have taken several steps to do our part as responsible human beings, family and finally as a corporate in that order to help the victims of Gaja.



The village of Kulamanikkam in Thiruvarur district received 65 hampers, one each to the families in the village. Each hamper consists of  tarpaulin, floor-mat, matches, candles, mosquito repellent, biscuits, sanitary napkins, toothpaste, soap, men/women clothing and finally groceries which lasts for a week at least for a family of 5. Mr. Prasana K Ram, CEO and founder of Vamosys, was in place right from organizing to distributing the hampers.

Gaja Cyclone Relife

Gaja Cyclone Relife BY Prasanna K Ram (CEO and Founder of VAMOSYS)



Team Delta

Apart from providing the basic consumable necessities, members of Vamosys put their hands together with 5 doctors who identify themselves as “team delta”. A range of temporary medical camps were in place with free medical supplies and services throughout the district are up and running. The team expressed their intentions to take their invaluable services beyond the district of Thiruvarur. With enough funds, this could be more than an intention, it could be an heartwarming service.

Team Delta with VAMOSYS Cyclone relief Program

Team Delta (Medical Team) with VAMOSYS Cyclone relief Program


Family or Employees?

The victims of Gaja were not just in the affected areas. The ones who leave their families and move to an urban setup to make a living for themselves as well as their family are in numbers. One such person is Mr. Bharathi Raja, an employee at Vamosys. His family back in the village of Pukkarambai in Thanjavur district are victims of cyclone Gaja. Bharathi reached out to his fellow employees requesting a basic necessities drive. And the reply was simply heartwarming, as almost all the employes at Vamosys came forward to give away things and collect funds to help Bharathi, his village to sustain for a few weeks until the bigger help arrives.



Disasters will continue to come around, that’s just how mother nature is and trying to tame her isn’t the best idea. Whatever the calamity that lies ahead we at Vamosys will always feel the accountable to help our fellow human in need. Sure, Vamosys is a vehicle tracking company, above that we are a responsible group of people who are willing to come together to help a fellow brethren.

gps vehicle tracking software

GPS Vehicle Tracking, Simplified

 Use with Ease

Vamosys dashboard features help the user to handle their fleet activity with perfection. It provides current status in real-time to keep a constant track on your fleet activity. This dashboard also helps you control the fleet operations regarding vehicles and other holdings from a single screen.


Monitor your fleet with ease around the globe across any street. Vamosys offers 100% secure street view based mapping on its dashboard designed to manage expandable fleet with ease. Compatible and resolute with the whole of your fleet management with Vamosys solutions. Your Vehicle, Our solutions.


Below is brief look at the features offered in the dashboard.



Fleet tracking on the go.

View the status and location of your entire fleet live on the map (individual vehicle or group). Instant vehicle-position updating literally has your fleet updated in real-time as they move metre by metre. Tracking objectives can be in place to add timed intervals, heading alterations, and status or event changes that fits your fleet.




Rerun your fleet history.

Rerun the whole history of your fleet at the click of a button. Follow where every vehicle, or other assets that are coherent with our GPS over any specific period. View any amount of detail regarding the recording status, along the way, at any point. Location, direction, speed aggressive driving scenarios, etc.



Mark virtual landmarks.

Mark perimeters virtually on any area of the map and track to analyse all activity regarding that particular perimeter. Use geo-fencing for warehouses, customer sites, or even particular routes. Tracking of arrival & departure timing, PTO & speed, within the marked perimeter and compose deviation related alerts.



Safety and Efficiency.

Responsibly monitor the way your vehicles are driven . Demand safety, reduce fuel consumption and make sure the drivers are obliged to represent your business. Notice dangerous and worthless behavior and evaluate drivers to peers. View excessive acceleration, hard braking, speeding, unnecessary idling and aggressive cornering.



Govern what’s important.

Have a complete control of your fleet even without continues monitoring. Get alerts in custom fashion, i.e., only for only those you feel are important and necessary. Custom means of receiving alerts, i.e., text messages, emails and app notifications. These alerts can be sent to a person or device of your choice.



Control at your fingertips.

With Vamosys analytics engine and advanced reporting, you can convert the data into valuable insight. Get the solutions to problems every fleet manager faces. Appear by region, geography and branch, and also get key performance indicator reporting to the concerning personnel.


We at Vamosys believe customer satisfaction is not just a duty, it’s a top priority. Thus, we constantly evolve our dashboard on demand for our customers to make their fleet management life as easy as possible. Your Vehicle, Our Solutions.