Justification: Why Dash Cams are the best option for the vehicles


Dash cams are a cost-effective and useful tool for fleet vehicle management. 

They provide real-time evidence of accidents, monitor driver behavior, reward good performance, prevent fraud, have useful features, and prevent parking accidents. They also record fleet actions for future reference. 

Combined with other fleet management software, dash cams can optimize routes, manage fuel, and provide live GPS positioning. Overall, dash cams are a great investment for any fleet management business.

Technology for inventory and vehicle management is evolving at a rapid pace in the automotive accessories industry. 

Dashcam plays a significant role these days. Dashcams are very useful to record and store the videos of a vehicle’s journey. In other words, it is like a third eye on fleets when it goes on a trip.


Dash Cam, in layman’s language, is a capturing device or camera that records all the details happening on the road and inside the vehicle. 

Real-time details can be easily accessible through on-board technologies like GPS systems, DRS app, and video telematics by the administrators. 

Dash cams are quite affordable and can be mapped with mobile technologies. Administrators feel their burden of tracking fleets 24*7 lessened. 

It also monitors the driver’s activities with which any malfunction or delays can be spotted immediately. The Organization’s efficiency will improve very well.  

Let’s have a deeper insight into why Dash cams are the best option for fleet vehicles.

First-hand evidence of any accident

When a vehicle crashes and your vehicle is involved in the crash, the dash cam provides you with information about the incident. 

It is easy to claim money for vehicle damage if you have proof that it wasn’t your fault.

A dashcam is the most effective and useful tool you can use to provide on-the-spot evidence of an accident to protect yourself from other drivers. 

Dashcams’ installation helps you to stay safe and saves a lot of money, time, and problems in the long run.  

Solution for undisciplined drivers

Monitoring Fleet drivers and Fleet consignments can be easier when dashcams are installed in vehicles. Undisciplined drivers are easily caught online through video telematics. 

Handling undisciplined drivers is reckless and annoying, as other people’s lives are at risk.

The task of reporting the bad behavior of fleet drivers is a daunting one, but if there is a dashcam in the vehicle, you have the evidence for the bad behavior of the driver. The case can go cold when you don’t have a proper eyewitness. 

Using smartphones during driving can be risky to both the fleet and the drivers. Dashcams help in monitoring such activities of the fleet drivers. 

Fleet Managers can receive immediate alerts when the fleet drivers deviate from using mobile phones

Rewards Fleet Drivers

Fleet Drivers are the backbone of any fleet managing business. They risk their lives and travel all the way to deliver the consignment at the right time and right place. 

Dashcams can be one way to track their safety, and performance during the drive. 

Organizations can reward their fleet drivers with incentives based on their performance and action. This way, fleet drivers will feel cared for, motivated to do better, and respected. 

Prevent fraud

A common problem in vehicle industries is insurance fraud. Drivers should not create a chance to extort money from the opponent vehicles by showing an accident as the reason. 

By no chance, innocent people should not be made to shell out money from their pockets. 

Dashcams come in handy in such situations by providing live records of the vehicle’s journey. 

Organizations can save themselves from scammers who might try to extort money illegally. Dashcams can keep you safe and covered.

Dashcams have useful features and functions

Dashcam technologies have evolved over years. The dashcam cameras available today are of high quality and come with a variety of features and functions that can be useful in a variety of ways.

  • Cameras with an audible notification: A majority of cameras come with the spoken status, which helps to notify the real-time process.
  • GPS embedded dashcam: GPS devices help you to track the location and speed of the vehicle. They can give you the complete details about the fleet destination and manage the fleet journey the hassle-free way.
  • High-tech LCD screen: Dashcams typically come with a high-end LCD screen with touch screen capabilities.
  • Low battery usage: Dashcams usually come with low battery usage, it won’t take much power from the vehicle’s battery. They are designed to rely on external batteries to increase their lifespan.


Dash Cams, when combined with other Fleet management software, can be even more beneficial to the organization, as they can help in Fuel management, Route optimization, Lane Parking, Live GPS positioning, and many more services. 

Companies can search for customized telematics for their fleet vehicles and drivers. 

Choosing and Investing in the right telematics for your fleet vehicles can play a big role in the survival of your fleet managing business.

Prevents parking accidents

In the fleet industry, parking the vehicle safely can be a daunting task. Long journeys are common, No one can keep an eye 24×7 over the vehicle when they are parked at a place. 

A well-installed dash cam will do that duty for you when it is unattended by the drivers. 

The biggest advantage of dashcams is that they can be set on at night or during the day without your vehicle’s engine running.

Dashcams can be operated remotely from any place, and you can have real-time access to the data. You can rest assured that your vehicles will be safe and secure with this special feature.

Record your fleets actions

Dashcams start recording once your vehicle’s ignition is on. It keeps track of the roads, routes, and all the activities of the fleet. 

As each drive is recorded and stored, fleet managers can have access to every drive and prove their fleet driver’s innocence if they have any issues regarding the trip.

Final justification

By considering all the above benefits, one can conclude that dash cams are the best option for fleet vehicles. They are cost-effective, come with a simple design, consist of a fixed lens, a microphone, and many more features as a complete package. 

Installing Dash Cams can be done with the help of a suction cup. 

You can expect the unexpected while riding on the roads. Dashcam helps you in driver monitoring, road rage, and reckless driving. As well as providing you with all the information you need on the road, dashcams also help you save energy, money, and precious time

Dashcams make internal management easier, allowing organizations to prioritize handling the customers, and retaining them. 

Team VAMOSYS have been into GPS business since 2014 and have good experience on GPS Vehicle Tracking, Fuel Monitoring, Fleet Management and GPS Tracker Devices. Writes article on various topics to share the industry experiences and knowledge.

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