How will driver behavior influence your business and the cost of your fleet?


Driver behavior can significantly impact your fleet business’s costs and efficiency. Fleet management software with GPS tracking and dashcam technology can help monitor driver behavior and identify problematic actions. Improving driver behavior can reduce the risk of accidents, increase efficiency, lower maintenance and fuel costs, and improve business reputation. Training and coaching drivers to drive safely can result in increased productivity, efficiency, and profits for your business.

Dealing with drivers’ behavior and their issues is a significant factor in the smooth running of fleet business for every fleet manager. 

Your fleet business’s operating costs and efficiency can be directly influenced by understanding and managing driver behavior.

Driving behavior such as hard braking, changing lanes, sharp turns, and speeding can put your vehicles at the risk of getting into an adverse accident. 

An unsafe driving habit can damage your business reputation, vehicle downtime, rising costs, and business performance. 

As a fleet owner and operator, you can use fleet management software integrated with a GPS tracking system and dashcam technology to monitor your driver actions and behavior behind the wheel.

With insights and video telematics with real-time data, fleet operators can pinpoint their fleet driver’s problematic actions, and help to educate, create personalized training and reward plans to correct their mistakes and self-regulate their driving style.

Improving the quality of your driver’s behavior behind the wheel takes time, costs, and effort, but will bring significant benefits to your fleet business.

How will driver behavior will influence your business cost SVG

The impact of poor quality driving management on your fleet business

Unsafe driving habits such as alcohol-influenced driving or smartphone distracted driving and other such actions affect your fleet business efficiency in different ways. This includes

  • Damage to your business reputation and name
  • Increase in your vehicle risk on roads
  • Increasing vehicles fuel costs
  • Increasing fleet maintenance cost
  • Lowering the value of your vehicles in the market


Discourteous and unintentional careless driving potentially affects the services you provide to customers and may have a great impact on your business reputation. 

Poor driving skills and habits increase your vehicle maintenance costs and may keep them off the road for a long time.

Train your truck or car drivers to drive economically to save fuel – maintain a normal and steady speed, turn off the engine when it is not in use, avoid traffic to minimize the idle time, and slow down on high-speed roads. The Maintenance and service cost is greatly reduced when following the simplest driving rules.

You can proactively monitor your driver in real-time through telematics by installing advanced AI dashcam technology incorporated with the DRS app in your vehicle.

How can fleet management software help you to monitor driver behavior?

Fleet management software along with advanced features helps you to keep track of fleet drivers’ behavior, fleet, and resources. 

It solves various problems such as unauthorized vehicle use, distracted driving, and excessive use of fuel that can disturb your business any day.

Accountability is easy to create when fleet drivers know their behavior is being monitored throughout the journey. The accountability feature helps train and coach them with safe driving techniques and real-time alerts to correct bad driving habits.

Telematics software - Dashcam technology

Dashcam technology records real-time data on driver actions and produces reports of vehicle performance. This telematics record helps managers take measures if driver behavior falls below your company policies and expectations.

This real-time record acts as a driving feedback tool for drivers to correct their mistakes and improve their skills. 

The two-faced camera sends notifications alerts to managers if drivers drive overruling the company’s policies. 

Alert messages are sent even if drivers forget to wear seatbelts. With such a detailed reporting system, fleet managers can identify a good driver and enhance the overall fleet performance thereby benefiting the business.

GPS vehicle tracking system

Implementing a GPS vehicle tracking system helps managers to track their vehicle’s live location on the road. 

The advanced road mapping techniques incorporate a ‘driving style’ tool that sends custom alerts when a driver changes their lanes and avoids adverse accidents on high-speed roads.

The optimization route technology and other advanced algorithms ensure that your trucks and resources’ safe on the road. It notifies the drivers when they take a longer or unsafe route on a journey.

Following a safe driving strategy throughout your fleet operation encourages your drivers to be more considerate and can help to improve your business in the following ways:

1.Getting a speeding ticket reduced

Driving at considerable speed limits, and obeying the road rules contribute to the company’s reputation and resources by cutting speeding tickets. 

2.Duty of Care

With GPS tracking systems, companies can have data to demonstrate to their customers how sufficient measures are taken by them as an organization to follow “Duty of Care” obligations and reduce the risk of liability.

3.Reducing fuel costs

With this modern system, fuel consumption can be considerably reduced which in parallel reduces the operating costs. Fuel is wasted whenever drivers drive with quick acceleration, speeding, or idle the engine for long.

The fleet operators and managers can monitor the vehicle’s idle time and direct drivers to turn off the engine whenever they need to halt for a long time.

4.Claiming insurance

The real-time telematics records can be used as solid evidence to prove your driver’s innocence in accidents and help to claim liability to the vehicle and driver.

Many insurance companies provide discounts on insurance premiums to the companies who practice GPS tracking systems in their fleet to ensure driver safety. This scheme would encourage other customers to use in-vehicle telematics devices for driver safety.

Drivers are the biggest assets of any fleet management business.  Investing in their training and safety can guarantee increased trust and accreditation from customers. 

By implementing a GPS tracking system and  dashcam technology in your fleet of trucks and cars, you can make your company stand out in many circumstances. Drivers will feel safe and cared for when the company prioritizes this modern-day telematics.

With fleet tracking and monitoring, you can choose safer drivers, which can influence more productivity, efficiency, and profits for your business.

Team VAMOSYS have been into GPS business since 2014 and have good experience on GPS Vehicle Tracking, Fuel Monitoring, Fleet Management and GPS Tracker Devices. Writes article on various topics to share the industry experiences and knowledge.

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