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What is Telematics? Telematics is a word you’re likely to hear more and more over time. It refers to a method of capturing and processing driving data, and there are a huge number of potential applications at the moment. It’s most commonly used for pricing insurance, in a way that rewards safe driving. If you have […]

pet tracking

Do you care about your pets enough?   How much does your pet mean to you? Do you wonder what is your pet upto while you are away from it, or are you looking for ways to keep a track on your pet? Well, being concerned about your pet is only natural, and we at […]

7 reasons why to invest in Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking?   Asset tracking also known as asset management, is method to keep track on all of your physical assets. This type of tracking is usually done on the basis of scanning barcodes with attached labels or using RFID or GPS tags which transmit the location of the designated asset. Tracking your asset is […]


A Small Leap – GAJA Relief by VAMOSYS

Cyclone Gaja The events of cyclone ‘Gaja’ has been devastating, during as well as the aftermath. The damage to property has been ridiculously catastrophic. Destruction to croplands, uprooting of trees and broken homes has made everyday livelihoods difficult. Adding insult to the injury, a complete power shutdown for the next one to two months is […]

vehicle tracking system and IoT

  IoT – 101   What is IoT?   Simply put, the concept of connecting the Internet to any device which has an on and off switch is bound to be as Internet of Things, a.k.a IoT. The IoT is a huge grid bridging between people and connecting things. These things keep a track on […]

gps vehicle tracking software

GPS Vehicle Tracking, Simplified  Use with Ease Vamosys dashboard features help the user to handle their fleet activity with perfection. It provides current status in real-time to keep a constant track on your fleet activity. This dashboard also helps you control the fleet operations regarding vehicles and other holdings from a single screen.   Monitor […]

personal tracker

Hover and Secure In this day and age, almost every household has women working day and night. The worry about their safety and security is not just down to themselves, but also for their loved ones. Especially during the night shifts, this feeling of insecurity multiplies. What if you call her phone and you hear […]


What makes GPS tracking so popular in logistics

GPS tracking solutions 101   In the world of logistics and transportations, GPS technology today is more than just a device to help drivers to navigate their way to destinations. With the progression of mobile applications and mobile technology for logistics transport solutions, GPS technology has completely revolutionised the transport sector. There are developers for GPS […]

fuel tracking

Why Fuel Tracking What is it?   A Fuel Tracking system is a software that works with help of a fuel sensor integrated into the vehicle. This software identifies fuel theft or loss from the tank, either by overfilling or draining. Unfortunately, fuel theft is very common for the transport and logistics corporations. To find […]