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8 Reasons why your construction company needs GPS Fleet Management Solutions

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Any Construction Company.

Construction enterprises depend on two primary resources to complete their everyday routine: the employees and the equipment. You won’t be able to serve your clients well without either of these elements. One wouldn’t think of sending their employees to a site without adequate insurance coverage and safety equipment, but if you’re running your fleet without GPS fleet tracking technology, you’re placing your precious vehicles and equipment at danger. Here are some methods of protecting your property and therefore your company from severe economic losses, with GPS fleet management systems.

1. Know Vehicle Location at All Times

GPS fleet management systems can be set up to provide your building assets with real-time GPS tracking. Whether you’re attempting to figure out why a cement truck took so long to take the load to the site, you need to locate a line service somewhere on a big job site, or you want to understand which job site a specific asset is working on, you can log in to your interface and see where all your equipment is. This enables you to react rapidly to client requirements and enhance general operation effectiveness. If something takes longer than it should, tracking your assets also provides you peace of mind.

2. Keep Your Employees Safe

Not only can you retain productivity with telematics, but you can also enhance your fleet’s safety. Software for GPS fleet management sends warnings to drivers whose driving might be deemed unsafe and erratic. For instance, you can send them a notification on what they’re doing wrong in real-time if they’re cornering or going over the speed limit.

3. Stay Organised

A construction business demands to be organized one of the top stuff. GPS fleet management software allows you to monitor when vehicles arrive on-site, so there will be no vehicle building on or off-site. This helps align with the building management plan components that are associated with monitoring traffic flow in and out of a building site.

4. Keep Clients Happy

GPS fleet management software will let you know if a vehicle has a breaks down, so you can send out another staff member as soon as possible.

Also, if a customer disputes the length of time your riders spent on-site, you will have proof to support your claim. Fleet telematics can monitor the voyage of your staff on the post from the minute they leave for the mission. This implies that you will understand whether a driver left early or did not arrive on time. If a driver has spent the right amount of time on a job, then you will have the data to prove it and avoid any additional complications.

5. Save Money

GPS fleet management software helps your drivers to operate effectively, sending alerts and tracking behaviors that could be deemed wasteful and environmentally harmful. Fuel is one of the variables that will cost your business the most, particularly if your drivers perform unethical practices such as idling the engine, hard braking, and unnecessary acceleration. With a fast alert urging your drivers to drive more effectively, these behaviors can be handled instantly.

You can also guide drivers too much more fuel-efficient paths, with live updates that let you know by avoiding traffic the best way to reach the destination.

6. Reduce Wasted Fuel

Machinery operations need adequate fuel, and that fuel is expensive. If your assets are not used effectively or are used for private purposes, you lose fuel and thus revenue.

Most fuel savings statistics relate to over-the-road vehicles, but construction equipment is subject to the same principles. Every 1 mpg you enhance fuel economy for fuel-driven machinery and vehicles provides considerable savings. Even when the vehicle is covering 24,140 kilometers per year, the fuel consumption is reduced by 1 mpg, and you will save INR 7424 per year if fuel costs INR 251 per gallon (3,7 liters)

With GPS Fuel Management systems you can track the fuel consumption of your equipment and vehicles in detail, to analyze the fuel readings and alter wherever necessary to reduce unnecessary fuel costs.

7. Recover Stolen Assets More Quickly

Every year, construction site stolen equipment costs an average of 40 crores across the nation. It recovers as little as 6.5 percent of the stolen building materials. If you’ve ever been the victim of theft of equipment, you know how high the cost can be.

GPS fleet management systems make recovering stolen property simpler. These solutions provide the last known GPS location of the equipment to law enforcement authorities, enabling them to zero on the thieves faster and retrieve the equipment. You can also set up your system that can provide alerts about closeness, sending you an alert if a piece of machinery is moved suddenly off the job site. Being proactive in the prevention of losses will safeguard your fleet, both by assisting to maintain your assets where they stand and by recovering them if there is an issue.

8. Avoid Billing Disputes

A billing conflict can result in thousands of rupees in losses when you’re a construction company. Avoid this issue with adequate management of the fleet. Not only your earnings can be protected, but also your reputation.

You can precisely document and monitor working hours using GPS tracking with fleet management to understand where your device is and what it is doing. Many systems are set up to be integrated into automatic invoicing, offering clients with concrete proof when there is a conflict over the charged hours. If your client says you have been billing for far too many hours, you can switch to your fleet monitoring system to demonstrate that the team was actually on the spot and working over the hours that you paid.

You may not believe as a fleet-based business of your construction business, but it is. If you do not use fleet management strategies in your daily activities, these major benefits and protections are absent. Take the time to look a little closer at GPS fleet management to make your construction business as effective as possible.

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