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Toll Report - Vehicle Tracking System

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Vamosys –  GPS Vehicle Tracking System introduce the Solution to Your Problems through   their tracking Platform

Mostly all fleet owners and manager facing challenges to reduce overall fleet costs continue to be the top challenge facing commercial fleet managers, followed closely by fuel price volatility.

Other top challenges include increasing fleet safety and reducing preventable accident rates, finding cost-effective routes to a truck and reporting ways to increase driver performance.

Likewise, Toll Plaza Management also such a important part to analysed by Fleet Managers. Unfortunately, Till now they are believing their driver’s handled receipts only. Through our Tracking platform that issue will clearly washed out.

Our Toll Report Contains Following Facilities,

1. Shortest Route (Route Management) with Toll Plaza Count  for PAN INDIA

2. Exact rate of Vehicle in Toll Plaza

3. Live report in which Toll plaza ,Vehicle is Located

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GPS Server

Whats so cool about Personal GPS Server?

Before we dwelve into Personal GPS Server, let’s walk thru on GPS tracker and GPS Server.

Note: GPS Navigator and GPS Tracker are not one and same, though they use same technology.

GPS tracker device:

This GPS device is from the company called Teltonika (from Lithuania). One among  the most popular GPS companies in the world.

The GPS tracker contains a SIM card and it communicates with the GPS Server via GPRS. So when there is no mobile network , the GPS device stores the data and  uploads to the GPS server once it gets into the network.  Communication frequency between the GPS tracker and Server is once in 10 seconds. It is modifiable in most of the GPS devices. But for all practical purposes , once in 10 seconds is more than enough.

The data communicated between GPS tracker device and GPS Server typically contains latitude, longitude, time, speed, altitude etc.

GPS Server:

A GPS Server is nothing but a TCP or UDP server. Off late GPS devices started communicating http also, lets not bother about it in this article.

The GPS Server receives data from GPS tracker device every 10 seconds and stores the data in a DB.

The GPS mobile app or web application gets the data from DB via http rest services and displays it in the map using google map services.

The GPS Server is usually located in a data center (public cloud like Amazon AWS, Google App Engine, DigitalOcean or Linode) or in a private cloud.

Key components

  1. A static public IP address (GPS tracker should be able to reach this IP address from any where in the world)
  2. Fire wall configured to allow only required ports.
  3.  Scalable SQL/NoSql database.
  4. TCP or UDP Server
  5. Webserver

Today there are many GPS Servers available across the world. But each of one the server requires public cloud or private cloud for it to work. Also setting up a private cloud GPS Server is 10 to 20 times more costly, if the need is to track just 50 -100 vehicles.

So all your critical tracking data are stored in public cloud and your dealer has full access to it whether you like it or not.

VAMO SYSTEMS solves this problem. Our personal GPS Server can be setup in office or home with your existing broadband connection and at very affordable cost in just 10 minutes!. And it supports all popular GPS devices like Teltonika , Concox etc.

Don’t let your critical data go out of your office

For high volume customers (from 1000 gps units to millions of gps units) ,we provide dedicated servers which can be setup in private cloud or in public cloud.

In cost perspective it works cheaper than any other mode. There are no recurring monthly or yearly subscription charges. If customer requires online backup we provide the same for additional cost.  Also we provide disaster recovery/business continuity plan in case of any power or internet failures at customer end for additional cost.


GPS Server Software for Transportation Industry

(Vehicle Tracking System)

GPS Tracking Work Flow

Spending in a GPS Server Software  drives you to choose the best and shortest directions to track your vehicles. Not to mention, this will help you reduce fuel ingestion, excessive overtime costs.

Nowadays, “Time is money”-people in the transport industry have recognized how true the word is. There are incidents when your vehicle gets jammed in the traffic for quite a lot of minutes. With a proper Vehicle management system, your fleet managers will be able to monitor the drivers to avoid the traffic streets in the real-time base.

A good GPS tracking system will help you make informed outcomes and planned trips more professionally, thus reducing the idle time of your fleets.

GPS Software tracking solutions agree you monitor your vehicles and get complete visions on fuel usage, driver manners, engine idling, etc. in real time.

With the data obtained from a fleet tracking system, you can utilize your resources well and identify the money-saving areas.

Do you know Insurance companies provide special discounts on vehicles that are equipped with GPS tracking systems?

You can diminish your premium sum by as much as 35%!

That is another extraordinary advantage of a GPS Vehicle Tracking System, isn’t it?

Utilize the GPS tracking software to eliminate vehicle idle time, shrink over-speeding and decrease fuel consumption.

Keep your customers happy with the help of GPS tracking, your vehicle will be able to respond to service calls quickly and reach your customers on time.

Manage your field staff and drivers effectively GPS tracking system, analyze it and take corrective actions whenever necessary.

The GPS log information will permit you to examine the routes taken by your drivers. With this information, you will have the capacity to make a wide-ranging benefit and adversity investigation and designate your financial plan as needs are.

GPS Server Software
GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

Locate your assets with GPS fleet management systems, you can find your lost and stolen vehicles in the blink of an eye. Decrease upkeep Costs-Now-a-days, GPS tracking systems are outfitted with cutting-edge telematics components, for example, vehicle diagnostics, fuel level pointers, engine temperature marker. You can likewise screen key angles, like engine oil and the general soundness of your vehicle. Thus, you don’t need to burn through cash by taking your vehicles to a technician for routine review. Or maybe, the information from the fleet management software system will help you learn when an assessment is truly required.