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GPS & Map Server GPS Tracker Sensors / Accessories Telematic Solutions


Dedicated/Self Hosted Server: Can handle 2000 to 100,000 GPS

devices. Custom Map Server

Cloud Server: Unlimited Users and Dealer configurations. Can

handle million GPS Units. White labeling, advanced features etc.

Personal GPS: World’s first portable server. Set it up at your home or

office. Handles 50-100 GPS units.

Vehicle Tracker for advanced fleet Management and telemetry

Personal Trackers with long battery and magnets

OBD II Trackers – Installation without cutting & Slicing wire.

Fuel Sensor – High precision capcitive  probe sensor

RFID readers for school bus & Corporate cab

Temperature Sensor – Cold Chain Monnitoring

GPS Camera – Get 360 degree view inner and outer of the vehicle

Our GPS Server Comes with following  Build in solutions

  1. Implements protocols of all popular gps tracker  brands
  2. On demand implementation of new protocols
  3. All telematic reports
  4. School Bus Solutions, Fleet Management System Etc,.