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Advanced and Innovative software

GPS & Map Server

Dedicated/Self Hosted Server: Can handle 2000 to 100,000 GPS devices. Custom Map Server

Cloud Server: Unlimited Users and Dealer configurations. Can handle million GPS Units.
White labelling, advanced features etc.

Personal GPS: World's first portable server. Set it up at your home or office. Handles 50-100 GPS units.

GPS Server MAP Server
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All popular brands

GPS Tracker

Vehicle Trackers for Advanced Fleet Management & Telemetry.

Personal Trackers with long battery backup & magnets.

OBD II Trackers - Installation without slicing/cutting of wires.

GPS Tracker
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High Precision Sensors


Fuel Sensors - High precision capcitive probe sensors.

RFID readers - For school bus & corporate cabs.

Temperature Sensors - Cold Chain monitoring

GPS Camera - Get 360 degree view Inner and Outer of the vehicle

Fuel Sensor Temperature Sensor
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Advanced Telemetry

Telematic Solutions

Our GPS Server software comes with following built-in solutions
1. Implements protocol of all popular GPS Trackers.
2. On demand implementation of new protocols
3. All telematics reports.
4. School Bus Solution, Fleet Management System etc.
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Data Protection

Don’t let your valuable tracking data go out of your Office (data centre). We provide plug and play innovative hardwares integrated with GPS server platform to install at location of your choice. The tracking data stays within your control.

VAMO - GPS Server Software Features

We provide best features in user friendly way. Our control panel is simple yet powerful and very easy to use.


Real Time Tracking

Track multiple vehicles in single map (Google) along with speed, odo meter reading, address, fuel level etc.

History - Map Play back

Missed the action live? You can catch up later. Every 5-10 seconds live movement of past 2 months is available for playback at any point of time.

Data back up

Upto 1 year data available. You can see all the telematics data for past 1 year at any point of time.

Data Protection

Either its cloud hosting or self hosting, your data is protected as per industry standards. If your data is too sensitive, host it in your data centre.

Support Center

We provide 24x7 support. Reach us any time to get your problems solved.

Technical Service

Need new features or any improvements? Discuss with us, we will provide you the best solution.


Just like you monitor your assets/vehicle, we monitor every cloud, self hosted & portable GPS server deployments to make its online 24x7.


Our telematics reports is one among best in the industry. We provide every analytics information you need. Our flag ship Driver Performance Report - is gem among all.

99.9% up time

We provide 99.9% uptime guarantee during business hours. Non-business hours its 99.5%.

Out of the Box Solutions

We provide multiple solutions that best fits the specific needs of each client.

Choose the best one which suits you.

For School

Highly automated and customizable School bus tracking system for Student's with various reports.

For Enterprise

Our unique reports in Temperature monitoring, Fuel alerts, Engine performance and Etc.

For Personal

Get all information for your personal vehicle, Find Location , Anti theft Alarm and Etc.

Mobile Apps

Get both Android , IOS GPS tracking Mobile Apps to get instatnt access report.

Why Choose Us

We supply all original genuine hardwares of all popular GPS vendors at whole sale cost. Our gps software is developed by our in house team, we have complete control over entire eco system. We are providing best service and we are No 1 fastest growing GPS Service Provider.


Highly Ethical, Fair and Transparent

We believe in high ethical, fair and transparent business. We retain our customers by providing better product & best service.

High Quality Hardwares

We provide all original genuine hardwares, sensors from popular device manufacturers at whole sale price.

99.9% up time

We provide uptime guarantee of 99.9% during business hours. 99.5% during non business hours.

Unlimited Features

We are provide all telematics reports , driver performance analytics , Control Panel, White Label with your name, domain & logo, unlimited dealer & user creation.

Comparison with competition

Here the comparison with key competitor in world market.






Portable ServerYesNoNo
Dedicated HostingYesYesYes
API access for allYesNoNo
White Label for allYesNoNo
Control Panel for allYesNoNo
Operating SystemLinuxWindowsWindows

VAMOSYS - GPS Server Provider Guarantee

By opting for VAMOS GPS Server we guarantee you the best service and stability of the software. We will innovate continuously and provide you the best experience.


24/7/365 Support

We provide 24*7 support to make sure our business is not affected in any way at any point of time.


We strive to improve our product continuously and innovate new products & solutions.

99.9% Uptime

Our server are always up and running. We guarantee 99.9% uptime during business hours.

Our Clients

Our GPS Software are complete and easy to utilize. Along these lines, clients from different commercial enterprises, for example, taxi organizations, logistics organizations, transport administrators and mining businesses used our solutions and got profited. Few our Clients



In DAIMLER use our Load Sensor system to monitoring real weight of an Heavy Vehicles and added Fleet Monitoring System to update Transport Management with GPS technology.

Ahmadabad, India.



In Adani use our Dedicated Server for live tracking of Vehicles additionally added with Fleet Monitoring System to update Transport Management with GPS technology.

Ahmadabad, India.



Our APIs are integrated with Red Bus. Many Omni buses who provide service of Red Bus uses our GPS trackers and application for live tracking and Red Bus App integration.

Chennai, India.



Unlimited Geo Fencing, notifications, site marking are the key features All Cargo logistics uses heavily in our application for route deviation Management.

Chennai, India



In ULTRA RMC use our application for live tracking of Vehicles additionally added with Fuel Monitoring System to ensure fuel efficiency Management .

Coimbatore, India.



TVS Logistics is one of our prestigious clients. They use our application for live tracking and API integration into their ERP system. They are very happy with our quality of service and quick turn around time.

Chennai, India.



Flyjac uses our GPS vehicle tracking system and application. Live tracking, site entry/exit notifications are the key features they like most

Chennai, India.



Unlimited Geo Fencing, notifications, site marking are the key features Chennai Corporation uses heavily in our application.

Chennai, India.



Unlimited Geo Fencing, notifications, site marking are the key features AVVSHIYA CCI uses heavily in our application.

Chennai, India



Women staff safety is their primary concern. For that they believe our emergency button integration personal trackers. Help during emergency situation is just one button press away.

Chennai, India



Notifications to parents about arrival of buses when it reaches the previous or within 5-10 minutes range is the key solution they use it most. This solution done using GT06N device (probably first time in industry any body would have such thing).

Chennai, India



SBLT uses our GPS Trackers and application for several purposes. For their tour buses they share the bus live feeds to end customer via URL. Live SMS notifications on entry/exit of around 500 tourist locations in India is the feature they love most.

Chennai, India.



Critical hours (10 pm to 5 am) – stoppage SMS alert for more than 10 minutes is the key feature they use most. Critical Site Entry timing report improves they overall quality of service to their customers.

Chennai, India.



Unlimited Geo Fencing, notifications, site marking are the key features Chennai Corporation uses heavily in our application.

Chennai, India.



Several hunderd Indane trucks uses our GPS trackers and application. Live tracking, site entry/exit notifications are the key features they like most.

Chennai, India.


Here the small list of Frequently Asked Questions about our product and technologies we employ.

What is White Label?

White Label is a technique by which we brand our software in your name, you can start your GPS Business in no time without any significant investments.  We provide your 24X7 supports, GPS Hardwares, sensors, sim and software at most competitive whole sale rates.

How Portable GPS Server works?

Portable GPS Server is made possible by these two reasons.

  1. We have developed a highly efficient GPS Server with custom database which burnt inside the hardware. The hardware itself a technological wonder. Its a full fledged computer (server) packed in a small box.
  2. For communication we use your router’s Port Forwarding configuration.
why not use IRNSS instead of GPS?

IRNSS is not ready for general public use for now. Its primary purpose is for military purpose. Also govt need to pass a law mandating all client devices should use IRNSS satellites instead of American GPS satellites. We think it will few years to reach that place.

What is difference between GPS Device and GPS Server?

GPS Device is a hardware fitted into the vehicle. Or it can be portable which humans can carry.  This hardware transmits the location information to GPS Server. GPS Server is a separate unit usually available in the Data Center (also known as Cloud) . The GPS Server receives all data from different GPS Devices, process & store it and show to the customer as per their needs.

What is different between Analog and digital fuel sensors?

Analog Fuel Sensors is the term given to the vehicle’s built-in float based sensor’s output. This is not at all accurate, cannot be used for any practical purpose. Digital Fuel Sensor is the probe based fuel sensor (extra hardware) placed inside the fuel tank. This sensor provides 99% accuracy.

What are the commands used in LKGPS Protocol?
1.for connection establishment: adminip+password+space+ipaddr+space+port number gprs: gprs+password		
3.Unlimited times auto track: t030s***n+password		
4.No sleep working mode: nosleep+password
What is the command of iTriangle TS101?
[email protected]#CFG_GPRS:CMNET, , ,,9952*
[email protected]#CFG_TL:GPRS,10S,30S*


Here the voice of our customers

Dear Manivanan,

I need to appreciate you(SMP Solutions) specially for supporting us in implementation of GPRS and Achieving our targets…

Please see the trailing mail, which we have achieved ``0`` Accidents with the help of the below points

Implementation of GPRS.
Continuous Monitoring of Speed in GPRS.

Thanks & Regards,

Gokula Krishnan.J
General Administration

Gokula Krishnan.J, General Administration - Foxconn
Gokula Krishnan.J